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Oh, Hello

edited August 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Might as well buy, too. :) Crap, I need to pay attention...forgot that whispers were turned off.


  • Ok, it's up Come and Chat :D
  • Yo, Mark...can you sticky this for a bit? That way we can blab over elsewhere and let this board focus on Vanilla. :)
  • Yeah, or otherwise we'd have to just keep bumping it up to the top. As fun as that is.
  • or jonezy...
  • Bumping? Who's bumping? /me looks around innocently
  • it's already top, so i have no need to bump
  • Mark should take the menu code out of the header code so I can move it around with out weird margins. :x
  • Considering that some of the nested stuff is a tad funky.

    I think Oh, Hello is starting to look more of it's own.

    Few more days we will look way different :]
  • Oh Hell!!! Nicely done! :) JErm -
  • Oh, look at that. Sticky :]
  • Hmm is it me or is it down? (I can't get to it)
  • edited July 2005
    Seems down. I can't get to it either. omfg probably unplugged it to make a quick pot of coffee... ...either that or he acually DID get a letter...
  • that would suck. the letter thing. the coffee thing. bravo! I would do the same thing. a good cup of coffee is more important than some server that tens of okay tens of people use.

  • A letter?

    The situation ISSSSS....

    My webhost sucks :[

    I have a VPS right now and the server ate shit last week and hasn't been right since. Yesterday something happened that the server admins can't even figure out...

    So, I sucked it up, put down 250/month on a server with 6 times capacity, 4 times the power, and 10x the bandwidth... and the specs I already had were great, so this one is awesome :D

    We are on a tier 1 provider now, it's going to rule, DEDICATED :]

    Give me a few more days, I'm turning OhHello into oh so much more, but my customers have to come first, poor little buggers, their sites are decimated, at least they are getting 4 months free on my dime :[
  • Ouch. that sucks for you man.

    Yeah, turn it into something more. Make it exciting! We need more people there. There is only so much that 15 people can talk about :)

    Really need to build a community. Keep up the good work omfg, keep the ideas and the site coming :)
  • I think OhHello is the perfect name for several different artist based web services I've been building. So the hosting is going to go there, along with some other secret stuff. And of course the forum will be there :] With lots of artists talking the talk.
  • way back in the day wasn't oh hello people who did guestbooks and counters or something? the name seems familiar to me.
  • /me waves hand in front of nifkin. "This is not the Oh, Hello you're looking for."
  • your silly jedi mind tricks will not distract me from my--ooh, look, a nickle!
  • Yea, Swankarmy had it, then they went putz up. Some advertising company stole the .com and .net names, I'm going to try and steal them back. Swankarmy never officially registered anything, so.... mine now suckers.
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