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Looking for reliable host

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I am looking for a reliable host in the US or Canada. I didn't find any usable reviews here or stressing search engines, so I'll ask you guys.
The host should offer (besides the standard features):

1. unlimited traffic
2. mod_rewrite
3. price of under 10$/month

I want to start another Vanilla based community and only got experiences with German hosts yet.

Thanks in advance,


  • You want a *reliable* host with *unlimited* traffic for *under* $10/month? Good luck... Seriously though, what do you do that needs unlimited traffic?
  • is 250 Gb a month close enough to unlimited?
    2 gig space
    Clustered 12 Gz servers
    Mod_rewrite (i think) you have to contact to add a .htaccess or whatever

    they are transferring right now but should be all finished in in less than 4 days.
  • My favorite is Bluehost They give you nigh unlimited traffic (2 Terabytes) and a ton of space, too. They offer everything from mod_rewrite to Ruby on Rails. Free domain for as long as you have the account with them. Just $7 a month.
  • A little off-topic:
    From this thread and the "Recommended linux host" one, and after thorough search on the web I've come to the conclusion that hosting and specifically bandwith is cheaper on this side (EU) of the atlantic. For example free hosting offer does not specify caped volume. They probably watch and cap, but really high.
  • TexTex
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    @ Minisweeper and Max_B:

    I think you are both right. Here in Germany, unlimited traffic is nothing special and quite cheap. At the moment I pay €4 (about $5.20) for unlimited traffic at a very reliable host. Not only that his server is up all time and fast, I can also call him during working hours without extra fees. And this is a regular contract and not a mass host.

    @ All:

    Thanks for the hints. I will look them up. If anyone got another recommendation, I would be pleased.
  • If you've found an unlimited host in the past then great, but in my experience that is very rare. Overly cheap hosts could not supply their stated bandwidth/storage should even a small fraction of users take advantage of it. The safe option is to pick a host that offers slightly more than you will need, only busy sites will need >50GB transfer. Bluehost look good and they even have a forum (and blog!) which is always a good sign. What's their reliability and response time like?
  • Bluehost is good and pretty reliable though their response time is a little bit slow. And if you get a large and popular website just watch out because they have cpu load limits.... we at SimpleGFX had that problem and had to rethink about what we were going to do, so we restart the forum from scratch and paid attention to what mods we were adding
  • Thanks Vincent for pointing that out. That makes me rethink about it.
  • unlimited traffic, 1 domain incl, mod rewrite...

    25 euros .... for the whole year . makes 2 euros a month or 2,50 $ a month
  • I really have come to like quite a bit. They don't offer insanely cheap hosting and unlimited everything, but what they do offer they support and you therefore get to enjoy. Servers are fast and the control panels are really good. I highly recommend them. In five years I've not had a support request take more than ten minutes to resolve -- no lie.
  • @ fery:
    Which host is it?

    @ leason:
    I'll have a look.
  • its my webhoster, pretty good quality so far.

    you can also pay via paypal, a problem could be the fact that the registration is in german
    but the customer area or the administrative area there is in english... of course only if you enable english as your language.

    (or spanish or italian) <--- this would be yours.

    this is the actual course: 1 Euro = 1.2958 U.S. dollar
  • TexTex
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    ...a problem could be the fact that the registration is in german

    No problem. My German is quite well due to the fact that I am German. ;) Danke Dir.
  • gerne :)

    (engl. youre welcome)
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    The CPU cap on BlueHost is 20% - this ensures that you nor anyone else is not able to overtake the entire server (thus ensuring that yours and everyone else's stays up). I've bumped up against it myself as well but only with some really massive, not-tuned scripts. They have been a little slow in the past (due to a huge demand in their services), but they've upgraded again a week or so ago and from what I can tell are fast again now.
  • Just to complete the world review, does anybody know any reliable hosts in Australasia: - Japan - Singapore - New Zealand - Australia ? This will help others trying to provide a more reliable service too. Thank you
  • You can get the hosting package here .
    Here i found the reliable web hosting packages at cheap price. It also has the more features. I recommended to this only.
  • If you are looking for reliable host I would recommend Infrenion Networks.
    Also they are running 50 % off offer.
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