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Dont you just hate..people.

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So my online banking fucked up earlier today (i think it was just my connection gheying out but i figured i'd submit a bug anyway) and i was unsurprised to get this reply: At present we do not support the use of the Firefox Browser. The browsers that are supported on Windows operating systems are Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator for you to consistently access the Personal Internet Banking service. I'm surprised they didnt tag on a signature of 'We also recommend you use no firewall or anti-virus software to allow easier access for people trying to get hold of your online banking details'


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    Wait a second. Netscape Navigator? As in that archaic piece of trash that was obsolete years ago?

    Jesus Jumping Christ on a pogo stick.

    Um if not that version of navigator, and they mean the latest version of netscape, don't firefox and netscape use the same rendering engine (Gecko)?
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    lol thats pretty fucked up...i agree
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    i'm not entirely sure, I suppose you gotta give it to them though - judging by a lot of the comments on here they managed to support the 2 hardest to support browsers out there!
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    unipusunipus New
    edited July 2005
    yeah, my bank used to do that too. then sometime about a year ago firefox magically started working. happy.

    really the issue is that most of these banks hopped on the bandwagon around the time web apps were first starting to take off, and it's not like those are trivial applications to rewrite. so you can understand (if resent) their sluggishness in moving up with the times.
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    bradybrady New
    edited July 2005

    You should reply with this:

    Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla

    How to make Internet Explorer-specific Web applications work in Mozilla-based browsers

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