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Creating A Theme

edited February 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi all, I just finished my first round of a new fixed width style and an added footer, but it requires me to add a wrapper div and a footer div to the html. Can someone tell me please where to find the structure to add this to? I am not a phpler (unfortunately) but I can't imagine adding this would be so hard? Thanks for all your help! This forum rocks! Dada


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    The footer div is in the foot.php file and the wrapper div would be added to the head.php file because that is where the body tag is.
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    Thanks Jimw, only that I don't understand php at all. Don't know what starts when. I assume I would have to do the folling in the head.php $BodyId = ""; if ($this->BodyId != "") $BodyId = ' id="'.$this->BodyId.'"'; echo $HeadString . '</head> <div id="wrapper"> <body'.$BodyId.' '.$this->Context->BodyAttributes.'>'; </div> ?> Is this correct??? I want the warpper to be added right after the body id tag and closed right before the </body> tag. Thanks! Dada
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    No, I think you should move the wrapper div after the body line.
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    Could you be more specific. What is the body line exactly? In my test html the code looks as follows: <code> <body id="DiscussionsPage" > <div id="wrapper"> <div id="Session">Signed in as admin (<a href="/vanillalounge/people.php?PostBackAction=SignOutNow">Sign Out</a>)</div> <div id="Header"> and so on and so on and then closes like this: <div id="footer">here goes the footer</div> </div> </body> </html> </code> So where exactly in the php templates do I need to add the wrapper div and the footer divs? Could you paste the line of code please? Thank you! Dada
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    To add a wrapper:

    $BodyId = ""; if ($this->BodyId != "") $BodyId = ' id="'.$this->BodyId.'"'; echo $HeadString . '</head> <body'.$BodyId.' '.$this->Context->BodyAttributes.'> <div id="wrapper">';

    End close the tag at page_end.php
    echo '</div> </body> </html>';

    That should be it :)
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    Great Jazzman! That's exactly what I needed to know! Thanks! I just uploaded my final theme folder called "nyc_fixed" into the "themes" directory. It also includes a folder "vanilla" that has the folder "styles" inside of it, with all the css namesd vanilla.css etc as well. No when I go under my admin settings and I select my new theme it gives me the following error message: "Some problems were encountered Failed to open the styles directory. Please ensure that PHP has read access to the /home/name/public_html/vanillalounge/themes/nyc_fixed_theme/styles/ directory" I checked the permissions off the folders and they are all 755. Am I missing something crucial here? Thanks! Dada
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    if you create a theme your folder structure should be:

    ../themes/my_theme/ -> Changed template files go here (head.php, page_end.php)
    ../themes/my_theme/styles/default --> default style which contains images and css-files
    ../themes/my_theme/styles/new_style --> if you have different styles for this theme, add multiple folders in your style-dir

    I guess you haven't got a subfolder in your styles directory.
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    Got it and will use it soon, thanks so much!!! You rock! *D
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