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Whacked Navigation and Stuff

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So my install seems to have gone bonkers. After logging in I am having trouble navigating. If I click Categories or Account sometimes nothing happens, that is I cannot navigate taway from Discussions. It will also bounce me back to the Log In screen rather than navigate away. I mean the discussions are riveting, but... I thought I was having browser issues as it only happens for me in Firefox. I can get in with IE. Then I had a member running IE have the same dilemma. Next problem, I have one user that cannot login period. Neither IE or Firefox will get him in...sigh. Gone over cookies and new invites. I even set up his account for him and he cannot login using the username and password that will work for me. Finally, some members login, click proceed, then get a blank login screen. If they fill in the info it says you are logged in, if they click proceed again without filling in info it works. This one is also random among members. That is sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Remember Me does not seem to effect one way or the other. I have not changed any of the files as another thread indicates as I thought it was perhaps related to the other issues.. Vanilla 1.0.3 Attachements 2.1 DCalendar Inline Images 1.3 Invite Only Syste, 0.2.2a JQ Thickbox 1 JQuery 1.0.2 Massmailer 1 Multi File Upload 1 Page Mgmt PLus 2.4.3 Predefine Attributes 0.3.3 web path = Cookie Domain = Cookie Path = /forum/ Sorry for the long post. and thank you for your insight


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    I would deactivate all your extensions and see if that makes a difference.
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    Also, give us your URL so we can take a look directly
  • Options Username = Guest Password = Guest All of the extensions are currently off. And for some reason (GoDaddy?) it is almost unbearably slow right now.
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    Clicking through about 20 different pages using that login leaves me thinking your forum's fine and none too slow for me.
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    As an aside from your problem, as a "Member" I have the ability to [Sink] discussions (I just did one!). You may want to prevent normal "Members" from doing that and leave it just to Admins/Mods
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    Good advice...thanks. Must be me somehow. I must have waited 20 seconds or an eternity to go from Discussions to Settings. I'll go back in an turn stuff on. Shall I do all of them?
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    If you want, and I'll see what happens. If GoDaddy's being slow for you, perhaps that's what's causing the issues? Could be network problems between you and some of the forum members, whereas my net links seem to be fast/reliable to your server currently.
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    Hmm, well I can understand isolated slowness, but I had 2 members call me last night asking what was up. Ahh well, cyberdemons. I activated my installed extensions. Thank you Stash for taking the time to look...
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