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Any chance of a 'digg-esque' like feature for burying comments?

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I'm wondering if it'd be possible to incorporate this with the voting extension... if a comment gets x number of negative votes that it is automatically hidden, but can be 'shown' if a user clicks on the comment's link? On, for those who aren't aware, comments are 'dug' or 'undug' and if they are 'undug' 5 times, they are 'buried'. Maybe the extension could include a little thumbs up/thumbs down icon in the corner of the post?


  • I'm sure some people would find this useful, but I really hate this kind of behaviour. I always find myself opening up the post to see what the person's said. Also, just because people agree/disagree with a post doesn't necessarily make it less valid. People are sheep after all, and it's also pretty open to abuse.

    Having said that, I do find some value in seeing if other people have agreed or disagreed, I just wouldn't like the hiding.
  • Totally agree with Stash... (notable exception: true trolls). How about: - change font color (light gray?) - font size or - a personally filtered list (like slashdot) Forums are generally not a place where the lowest common denominator holds all of the truth. Depending on the topic, I think it is often refreshing to read non-popular opinions... Hence I'd vote for a 'troll ticker'.
  • I guess I'm thinking this would be a useful feature for those situations where someone hijacks a thread, etc. I'm sure there's a place for such a feature it in the forum environment. Again, this would be an extension, not a core function.
  • What about having the "block user/block comment" actually work instead? ;) You could then, optionally, show a small number indicating how many others have blocked that comment. Also, as an option, you could have a threshold, so that if x people have blocked a comment, it could autohide (as on digg) comments that exceed the threshold.

    I do not this autohiding should be default behaviour, but as an option for people to enable, why not eh? :)
  • I think this should be part of a block user extension and block comment feature.
  • You mean the "Block user/Block comment" Comment Protection extension? If so, I agree.

    Personally I wish it was either updated or removed until it is. It's the single most confusing thing about Vanilla.
  • What sort of an extra load would this add to a database if it was on a per user basis? Say someone just doesn't want to read my posts, they could just click block user and my posts are always shrunk. Last time i checked block user just stopped you seeing that persons posts in HTML.
  • Complained about that 'feature' a long time ago. Like what you propose stash.
  • Here's hoping Mark sorts it out on his return as I'm sure he has nothing better to do LOL
  • How long a holiday does he need anyway? Disgraceful behaviour! :P
  • Not as long as mine's gonna be :D
  • Is it just me, or is it a bit funny that the more something gets undug (and not dug), the closer it gets to being buried? :P
  • yea at first i thought the same thing i was like wtf then after i realize my assumption was correct i was like WTF.
  • Hehehe =)
  • Here's a Wordpress plugin that allows for Digg-style voting on your WordPress comments: (check out the comments on the post to see it in action) Something like this could probably be transformed to Vanilla.
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    is it just me or wordpress plugin architecture is crap. Why can't it add that script in the head itself. why do i have to add it myself.
    "Next depending on your theme you need to edit your comments theme file." WTF. Look for "foreach ($comments as $comment)". You can insert it in that loop. WTF

    Ok I can make this minus a way to track who has already voted. in other words the voting button won't be grayed out after u vote. the rest of the stuff like number of votes, collapsing of comments if less than say -4 votes etc, that I can do.

    If anyone has any idea how would track who has voted, let me know
  • @MySchizoBuddy - Could a new DB table do this? This would be an awesome addon.
  • i can make a table of UserCommentWatch
    and keep track of UserID and CommentID. But problem is optimization. for every comment i will have to do a query to the database and check if the user has voted. which will be very bad for the servers. not to mention that table will increase in size exponentially. Each Comment can have thousands of users voting. each forum has thousands of comments
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Isn't this why the "sink discussion" extension was created?
  • edited September 2007
    "sink discussion" is ok, but what about simple karma extension, something like this (, i.e. +1/-1 and it's not necessary to remove "bad comments" or sink them, it would be an interesting idea just to reflect that, "yeah, it's a bad comment written by a person with a bad karma\reputaion". it gives 2 issues: principled persons can choose whether they read this unpopular("=bad") comment or not and something like "dark side" sub-community :) and as a bonus it gives to reasonable people a true sense of "good and evil" and popularity :)
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