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Account Page - Your Discussions

Hi I have looked around the extensions page and the add on page for the last couple of hours and can't seem to find what I'm after. Is this out? or is there any easy way to achieve this? Ok so what I'm looking for is a Your Discussions section for the users account page. It would appear on the right hand side of the User's account page under for example "Role history" on this forum. The section would show the last 10 or so Discussions started by that particular user. Thanks to any one that can help


  • Look at the DiscussionsFilters add-on. See if that will work.
  • Yep, that's the one. But it shows them in the panel on the discussions tab. That's easier than opening your account page everytime :)
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    Discussion Filter doesn't really do what I'm looking for. I have create a mock up that will hopefully explain what I need a little better then what I can in words. The number of posts that is viewed should be low something like 5 or 10.


    @Jazzman - That really depends on how you want your users to use the forums personally I'm looking at trying to boost the important of the user page. So a user can view there user page and at a glance see all changes that are relevant to them.
  • Scott has a point here, it's not exactly the same. With what he's suggesting you can see what OTHER people have started/contributed to :) Might be nice to have them as expandable AJAXY buttons to minimise the load on the server though, as 9 times out of 10 you don't want that kind information from the user page.
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    In looking a little further, the UserTasks extension could be a help, too, in putting this altogether on the account page. And I just realized that UserFilters extension is a reduced version of UserTasks.

    It's actually UserTasks that is an expansion of UserFilters. Sorry.
  • Anyone else think Scott's image there is crying out for a little ThickBox action? ;)
  • I agree that the account page could use more attention... I find myself never checking user's account pages.. It should get more attractive someway.
  • I would also love to see last 10 bookmarked discussions, used in the same way
  • *bump* this sounds good!
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