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New: Mint 2.0



  • dan39dan39 New
    edited January 2007
    I'm pretty sure the Peppers are free (like Vanilla Add-ons). It looks like there are Official Peppers and there are Third Party Peppers. But, the peppermill was just launched on Monday, so I don't think any of the Third Party Developers have had a chance to upload their Peppers yet. Maybe we should rename the Vanilla Add-ons to Vanilla "Beans" or Vanilla "Extracts"
  • Heh, I like the idea :) But Extensions is already pretty clear no? Maybe create a "Bean" that changes your Vanilla install to just that? ;)
  • gigingergiginger New
    edited January 2007
    There's only 1 pepper that you must pay for. That's called PathStats. The creator did an offer a while ago giving away free copies. I did run GA and Mint on the same site for a while but I found that GA slowed down my site at times. Could've just been at my end but there seemed to be some trouble resolving address to retrieve the js it retrieves from google. I haven't logged in to it for ages so I don't know what stats it has now.
  • Tangent: multiple stats systems can severely impact your page load... After installing the 1.0 version of the firebug add-on I was amazed to see that GA is rather slow...
  • i am trying out the reinvigorate beta now, and so far im really liking it. the slickness of mint with the thouroughness of google
  • Strangely I just popped the reinvigorate code onto my pages. I'll see what sort of data it gives.
  • How about Vanilla Wafers for extensions?
  • Wafers are good. Though, they are easy to "break." I like the idea of "adding peppers", as if it were a spice.
  • Surely it should be Pods? Vanilla Pods....
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited January 2007
    Google Analytics confuses me, too many clicks to find out even the basics stats info. So I'm guessing a non-techie user would find it even slower to find what they wanted. Meanwhile, Mint shows everything on the first page. It seems like a nice idea (although I haven't tried it yet), and something I might use on a client's site...
  • edited January 2007
    Anyone tried out the feedburner site stats they just added it. for others wait for the third party peppers to come online. then u can add just the views u like including world maps and what not
  • I don't understand what the big deal is about stat trackers to begin with. Sure if you are running some huge site with a marketing staff, and you are trying to make money, or selling something, having stats to check what/where/who to market at and who is visiting and from where makes sense. But... I would be willing to bet most of you run simple blogs and forums, nothing special (no insult intended), with the same people over and over as regular users. So really, stat tracking is irrelevant.
  • Krak, you're completely right. I don't need stats at all. However, I do enjoy having those stats. I love knowing how many people have visited my site, where they went, what they did. There's some about that which intrigues me. One site is my personal site which has a mixture of things on it, mainly music stuff. The other site is a netlabel. Nothing amazingly popular with either but it's still cool to see what's going on.
  • Krak, I'm asking this mainly for my work site, which when it comes to getting any kind of advertising on it at all, you need accurate, detailed stats...

    the forum is pretty neat.

    whos up for doing a vanilla theme like it?
  • Have you checked out the style repository? There are a couple which are kinda similar... is probably the main one..
  • the front page with the three sub forums is what I'd love to see recreated...
  • While I love the style of that front page, it confused me initially. I tried clicking on the large Pepper Development but nothing happened. I didn't want to click on the "83 new posts" button because I wanted to see all the posts, not just the new ones! After a few seconds I looked at the URL on said button and saw that it takes you to the main forum anyway. That usability could be improved IMO. Looks fantastic though :) What software is that forum running on then? Something home cooked?

    Also, I personally don't like the way the user info is at the side on something like this page. Perhaps something as simple as a pale vertical line between the user info and the post would make all the difference.

    My criticism of this is due to really quite liking it and wanting something even better :)
  • I agree, its a bit clunky at first, but then again, I thought the same about Vanilla. I could of sworn he was using PunBB... but this doesn't look like it... *searches* ... wow, search is really nice... Bingo:
  • gigingergiginger New
    edited February 2007
    He used to use PunBB but with the relaunch of the site he's using his own brew of software. EDIT: Which is exactly what that link provided. -1 for me.
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