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vanilla on MS SQL?

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
just wondering if anyone has tried to port it over to MS SQL yet... Seems like it might be an interesting project and provide a little more power on the DB end in case traffic starts to become an issue. jonezy, i know you've probably thought about it :P


  • yes i have, and i asked mark about it... if i remember correctly he said a db port shouldn't be that difficult.
  • i didn't think it would be... i haven't examined the code too much yet, but hopefully all of the db variables are setup in one file.... i think the install file may need adjusted in case there's any mysql specific SQL that is used to create the tables etc.
  • well looking at the Utility.Database.class.php file the mysql class extends a base Database class that is basically an interface... so yeah it looks like writing a mssql imlpementation shouldn't be that hard* * - shouldn't be.... hahahahahahaha oh man
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    You'd also be wise to write a new SqlBuilder class that does some of the fancier MS SQL syntax that MySQL can't do.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    it seriously shouldn't be that difficult. I might even take the task on myself. I bet it would be pretty cool.
  • it would also be awesome to be able to execute all of the queries via stored procedures.
  • documentation first man... let us have some fun too
  • so this would be an upgrade to teh core functionality and not an extension right?
  • if you wanted to introduce stored procedures for the SQL Server implementation, maybe look at creating helper class(es) for the 'database' functionality which call platform-specific 'connectivity' classes to do the database back-end stuff. this way, 'save post' (for example) could be implemented differently for MySQL and SQL Server.
  • that is if MySQL doesn't support sp's
  • i'd be willing to help out, i can hook up a sql server database at no cost (i have a dedicated sql box i run my stuff on)
  • i'm pretty sure mysql doesn't support stored procs
  • MM take a look at the code when you get a chance... it's laid out in such a way that all you have to do is implement a base data class and you should be good to go... and like mark said, maybe write a sqlbuilder class to match.
  • mysql 5 supports sp's i'm pretty sure.
  • yeah i'll have a look at the code - i've narrowly avoided n00b comments so far!
  • -bottom of page... yup, looks like they finally got a clue!
  • LOL
  • n00b
  • Has anyone gone any further with this? Having a version that would run on MS SQL could be really handy for a project I'm working on right now.
  • Just fyi to everyone, I finished a port of Vanilla to MSSQL today. It required a few modifications to both the query builder and the category manager to iron out some SQL that MSSQL could not handle correctly. I've contacted Mark, and asked how he would like to proceed with including the new MSSQL abstraction layer into the distribution.
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