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meta stuff - sadly lacking

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Hi. I'm quite new to Vanilla but getting used to the system slowly. i'm now looking at the meta stuff that Vanilla achieves and its a bit cranky. I notice that when the comments.php page loads it includes a bit of meta stuff, the title and some text in the description. But the title stuff is a bit knackered by the auto inclusion of the forum name preceeding the title of the page. If anyone knows how to remove this bit i'd be grateful. Also there is no keyword stuff generated at all! Also the meta tags extension is very limited and makes no use of the dynamic abilities op php to extract keywords off the pages as they are generated. I don't have the technical ability to fix this but I would have thought it should be a priority for getting Vanilla more popular. Regards keith


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    did they change the readme in that extension package yet? Was incorrect when downloaded shortly after release. I posted in the troubleshooting forum, but no one responded.
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    Don't know but the extension is not adding any keywords. The thread minesweeper pointed me to discusses this extension but does not conclude anything really.
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    I've been experimenting with meta stuff and I've found that google effectively drops our forum pages from high level results pages if I leave the default 'Application title' in the head.php. I have tried it both ways and and have just reverted to content head only.

    I would also like to add other meta stuff (such as below) to the head page or have a separate head.php for displaying individual thread pages. This could include some dynamic content in meta tags to pick up the first para of content and put it in the description tag. Has anyone done this yet? I don't think the meta extension is adding a lot either, maybe that needs another look at.

    <META NAME=\"ROBOTS\" CONTENT=\"Index , Follow\">
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    I did some thinking about this over the weekend. The MetaTags add-on does extract the Body and put it into a meta tag "description" when you are on the Comments page. It puts a generic "description" for all other pages which you can modify. It also adds the meta tag "keywords" and allows you to enter those you want.

    You are looking more for an automated way of getting the "keywords". The DiscussionTags add-on allows you to manage tags per Discussion. I have gotten code to work that will finds these tags and put them into a meta "keywords" tag on the Comments page. This could be added to MetaTags.

    It appears to me that different meta data should be added to each different page you are on (index vs categories vs comments, etc.). If these can be defined, then they can be coded.

    Edit: While browsing the WP support forum, I found this SEO plugin topic. It looks interesting.
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