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Audio/Video Extension

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@Sirnot. I think it will be a good idea to take out the video support from HTML formatter and create a separate extension, that uses HTML Formatter. This way we can maintain a full fledge Audio/Video extension. For ex we already have flash support, we can add support for WMV and MOV files. even ogg etc Add audio support for mp3's and wma files etc. It will also help people find it, cause as of now no one knows HTML Formatter can do video. can u post a skeleton of an addon to HTMl Formatter, so i can use it and add more file types later on we can even allow the numerous BBcode extensions to use this universal Audio/Video extension thanks in advance


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    well, I'm hesitant to allow people to embed just any old object... in firefox, for instance, the following will still play the swf file:<object type="audio/mpeg" data="http://asdfsdf/asdf.swf"></object>which could lead to problems with security. indeed, as long as you have the right extension, it dosn't appear you can control how the browser interprets the data from the tag. you can't really go about checking the extension, either, as it may legitimately point to a script or a 'fake' url (eg. server using mod_rewrite).
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    there is a neat extension to Drupal. where u can upload any video format and it uses ffmpeg to convert it into flash and post it. it has its own problems. How to install ffmpeg binary on ur host
  • why implement your own flash video uploader when google/youtube/dailymotion/etc. provide a perfectly good ones already? you might as well save yourself the bandwidth and work by simply uploading to youtube or google video then using the video tags to post it.
  • well i whent the route of my own own player because the target audience was a school and and embeded content from youtube google video photobucket was filtered out.
  • u don't have control over video quality from youtube and such sites. the resolutions are too small for screencasts, where u cannot even see the text. hence u want ur own player so far brightcove offers good resolution, 480x360 which is larger than others i guess forum is not a place to be posting videos anyway. If I allow that it will be my bandwidth that will be choked while serving someone else's video. So scrap this idea altogether. only forum admins should be allowed to post videos, no one else Sink this discussion
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