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Any real reason to get the higher end 15" MacBook Pro?

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I'm ordering a laptop (definitely a MacBook Pro) tomorrow, I need it for an internship I'll be doing. I'm either getting the lower end 15" or the higher end 15". I'm an idiot when it comes to computer hardware, so is there that big of a difference? You can see the specs at the bottom of this page.


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    Yes. No.
    Personally I think it's worth the difference. Depending what you're using it for and whether you can 'spare' the cash. You're getting twice as much ram (personally I wouldnt run a system with less than 1gig these days and i'm starting to aim for 2) and a slightly improved processor and graphics module. Ram would probably be the main noticable difference - the slight jump in processing power I'd say would be negligible for normal use - and the graphics..well it depends what you're using it for.

    Then again, $500 is a lot for a gig of ram, and based on the end of the last sentence, you could buy the lower end one and add another gig of ram if you felt like you needed it then have some money left over to buy yourself a pint (or some accessories/software). Considering the low end one ships with a single gig stick it's not like you'd be wasting that ram by adding more (e.g. if they'd put 2 512meg sticks in instead - which i'm actually surprised they didnt)...
    FYI, this is suitable ram for the macbook that's $100 which would give you a dual 2.16ghz processor with 2gig of ram and the 128mb graphics chipset, vs a 2.33ghz processor with 2gig of ram and the 256mb graphics chipset. Do you think $400 is worthwhile for that upgrade? I sure dont. Unless you're doing very graphics heavy stuff...
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    Thanks. 'nother question - is getting the 1GB of ram pre-installed a good idea (the first special bundle) - linky
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    I always get any RAM upgrade installed at the time of purchase.
    That way, the warranty is kept intact and they install it free.
    Come back later to get it installed and (at least here in Oz) they charge an $85 fee! pic

    Posted: Tuesday, 13 February 2007 at 10:34AM (AEDT)

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    you get the best price relation with the regular macbook c2d 2ghz.and you save a lot.

    i guess you can buy a macbook + an imac for low as 2k (together).. just to see the realtion.
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    I hear you fery, but I just like the MB Pro. Unreasonable I suppose, but eh. I just ordered it with the extra gig of ram, should be here tomorrow :).
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