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Restoring Database to a previous state. Please Help

edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
FIrst thing I did was check if any of the files were missing. Everything was there. The trouble seemed to be with the database. Thus I asked my host to restore the database to yesterday. They did and everything was back online...

But one issue... instead of numbers and names it shows X in place of it...

StartANewDiscussion doesn't have spaces in it..
XDayAgo instead of the 2 days ago… it shows that…

What I want to know is if this is a data issue or if I should install vanilla again. Thanks


  • I'm thinking thats an issue with your language file...check out the conf\languages directory (i think that's the one?)
  • languages\English\definitions.php ?
  • Yes I checked the language file and there is nothing wrong with it... Infact i checked by downloading the latest version to see if there is any difference to it... its exactly the same...

    the porblem seems to be with the data is being read....

    $Context->Dictionary['OldPostDateFormatCode'] = 'M jS Y';
    $Context->Dictionary['XDayAgo'] = '//1 day ago';
    $Context->Dictionary['XDaysAgo'] = '//1 days ago';
    $Context->Dictionary['XHourAgo'] = '//1 hour ago';
    $Context->Dictionary['XHoursAgo'] = '//1 hours ago';
    $Context->Dictionary['XMinuteAgo'] = '//1 minute ago';
    $Context->Dictionary['XMinutesAgo'] = '//1 minutes ago';
    $Context->Dictionary['XSecondAgo'] = '//1 second ago';
    $Context->Dictionary['XSecondsAgo'] = '//1 seconds ago';

    its showing the XMinutesAgo instea of the seconds ago
  • Is it not doing the same thing with all your words though? Generally it uses XMinutesAgo when it cant read the definition for that array key...
  • so minisweeper, do you think something is wrong with the data or the files?
  • Well, change the name of your definitions.php file to definitions.backup or something, and view your forum. You'll see how all the text becomes kinda short - that's cause when it tries to read the definition it cant, and therefore it just uses the array key label - which sounds to me like what it's doing here. Normally I'd say just replace your dictionary but if you're convinced it's all OK then I'm a bit confused. I'm also a bit confused why it's only doing it for the XTimeAgo keys (I assume it is?)

    Only other thing I can think of is that your Framework.Functions.php (I thikn it's called) might have become a bit messed up, but i should think in that case a lot more stuff would be broken.
  • Ok fixed... minesweeper you were right one of my files was jarbled somehow... the data was fine..

    so what I did was reinstall vanilla again... and once it was working fine.. i redirected to the old database.. and it works...

    so i have to rename the folder now.. I will start a new thread for that question

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