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New help creating links that open in new window

edited April 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Im trying to find a way so i can change how vanilla opens outbound links. When i set the html code to open a link in a new window is still just opens in the same window. Just wondering if you guys had any tips on how to work around this. thanks


  • well, what comes to my mind is, make a js link,, like onclick=""
  • What do you mean when you set the html code?
  • crash_D im using a onclick=" but its only opening in the same window. minisweeper i tried using target="_blank" with my html links and still only getting same window in both firefox and ie.
  • What if you turn text only mode on and view the post again once it's posted? You might find that the HTML formatter strips attributes, I'm not sure.
  • Just found my problem. Thank-you
  • Care to share what it was? :)
  • And how to fix it? =)
  • I guess not...
  • someone has to say it: Dont force users into a new window. They can CTRL-Click or Middle mouse click or right click and select open in new window, IF HE SO CHOOSE. The whole keeping users on your webpage by open links in new windows should have been killed by now..
  • I disagree Mr Do, although I do always (mostly always) indicate that the link will open in a new window.
    Methinks you give users too much credit, I know a couple who still double-click links on web pages and insist they can't find what's in plain sight (because they don't scroll down)!

    Multiple windows on er... Windows gets messy because it fills the task bar but on a Mac it's second nature and quite obvious a new window or tab has been spawned.

    Posted: Wednesday, 25 April 2007 at 1:59PM

  • I know there will probably not be a consensus on this subject for quite some time to come. There are many arguments for both positions, although I claim that mine (or rather Jacob Nielsen's view has the more valid points.

    To answer your view that your users are dumb, well to that I say, if you treat them as such, they will behave as such. (Perhaps this phrase translates badly..) If you continue to follow their [false] expectations, they will never learn the proper way. This is bad for them, and bad for us all. My grandmother now uses email. Sure it would have been "easier" for me to just let her continue to mail me with snailmail. But helping her learning to write email has been so much more rewarding, for her and me.

    The best way I have seen for developers to solve this problem in a compromise is to have the link to same window on the text and a small icon next to it with a link to a new window.
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