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Attachment and Inline issues with Safari.

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Hello all, I'm sorry that there isn't so much help for my recents post in this community ! Nevermind, now Attachment 2 works well in Safari, thanks Jazzman, great Add-On. In fact, I have found the solution in the comments : I think for the new or recents members, it will be a good idea to centralize the solutions. The Inline Image doesn't seems to work. As a alternative I use Transmogrifier for use with BBCode. So I replace the path to forum uploads attachments with a key word, for exemple "forum". And when i attach picture (photo.jpg), i use [img]forum/photo[/img] and the add-on Transmogrifier do the rest, the image appears in the comments.


  • javoy43, I'm afraid that a lot of us here don't have a Mac (or have easy access to it as the wife has control over it) so we can't test in Safari. You'll have to rely on the everyday Mac users for help in Safari.
  • I apologize for that, Mac are geat computers and OS X is a dream os, in advance to others...I'm BSD addict too... Thx Stash.
  • No apology needed, just thought I may as well explain why the responses may be slower in coming :) Hopefully one of those nice Mac people will chip in soon.
  • i crossing my fingers for Leopard. safari will be fixed hopefully Did u try it on webkit?
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    its not a _bug_ of safari its a bug of the extension. (if)

    safari is the only and it was the first w3c'olized browser (just think on the acid tests).
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    CSS support is different than JAvascript support everyone knows javascript support on safari is not good thats a fact webkit on the other hand is awesome with javascript it might be the extension. i'll test it in webkit just to be sure
  • the latest java for safari is only available with/under mac os x 10.4.xx (safari 2.x)

    any other browser on mac os 10.3.xx like ff, Opera, IE or at least safari doesnt have the latest java.

    i saw somewhere a tool to add the latest java manually to 10.3x systems.
    the tool was @ somewhere.
  • Hey all, I test on nightly buils and it the same... I dual booted on leopard 9a343, no changes but this isn't the last build of safari... I didn't play with webkit library.
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    what is the issue anyway. I didn't get what is not working. inline images worked for me @fery. Java != Javascript two totally different things
  • @fery. Java != Javascript
    two totally different things

    sorry i was probably to lazy , and i thought you know that you didnt use any (pure) java :D
  • there is no such thing as latest javascript either
  • @MySchizobuddy -> So Inline Image works for you in Safari 2.0 ? @fery -> Java 1.4.2 in tiger for Safari, use for applets and vms...
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    inline view works in webkit not in safari I guess its a bug in safari I can post a screenshot so u can verify. inline images work in webkit without any code change even multi image upload with inline view works in webkit even inline view using thickbox works in webkit. just like in firefox
  • @fery -> Java 1.4.2 in tiger for Safari, use for applets and vms...

    then it should be workin, except the extension needs much more love (or windows-exclusive js-fun) than other extensions :D

    really wont sound like a badass or such (really not), but please guys release compatible extensions, i was very sick of _not 100%_ working extensions in the past.
    then better do not upload em or keep em simply on your harddiscs to get some qualitiy in here... but again its not my intention to sound rude or such, it was thought just as a little sidenote.

    an other question : schizo r u working on a mac or on a pc?
  • Quote: fery
    picthe extension needs much more love (or windows-exclusive js-fun) than other extensionspic
    Funny you should say that, I too feel some extensions and scripts in general take advantage of non-standard aspects of the OS the developer happens to be using.

    I recently tested Highslide JS - JavaScript thumbnail viewer fully expecting it to not play nice in Safari because of its complex functions and visual effects. I was pleasantly surprised to the contrary however. It works flawlessly on all browsers and platform combinations.

    It's expected that bugs in extensions will manifest themselves and continue to do so until they are tracked down and squashed. However many extensions are being released with known issues which are not made clear. I realise that when activating an extension, one assumes the responsibility for any grief that follows, but one also assumes the developer went to a little trouble to do basic testing, at least include in the read-me that testing was not comprehensive.

    Posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 8:06AM (AEDT)

  • @MySchizobuddy -> Hum, mistake, i try with Webkit, lastest build, Inline not working ! I'm tired or what, it doesn't work in Camino, Firefox... Is there a special trick using Inline Image ?
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    @ Fery: you are welcome to help fixing the bugs, especially since not everybody as access to safari. @ Wanderer: maybe you could work on your extensions and make them standard-compliant.
  • Quote: Dinoboff
    pic@ Wanderer: maybe you could work on your extensions and make them standard-compliant.pic
    Maybe I would if I could. I'm not a programmer, I merely dabble, but in the fields where I do have expertise I make very sure that anything I create works the way it's supposed to. If I have doubts I always announce them up front.

    As for access to Safari, I find that most scripts, web sites etc. that are written well and to standards and without platform-specific hacks, seem to work well in Safari.

    Even banking sites that declare themselves they don't work with Safari actually do. All you have to do is change your User Agent to anything Windows and voila, you're in.

    I, as fery said, don't want to sound like a badass either, but releasing extensions with for example; missing slashes and half-baked arrays is really shoddy work.

    Posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 10:46AM (AEDT)

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    @javoy are u using the latest version of both extensions what is ur forum
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    @ dino..

    look its not the bugfixing thing its the to early uploading issue.

    i have here three really supa sweet mindblowing extensions (the shop extension, the guestbook extension and the integrated blog extension) but i told my coder to finish it up to 99,99,99%. after that i will upload them all, and im really happy to share those extensions with you lovely guys ... but testing and bugfixes first

    there must be a sportive feeling/reason here to upload so many extensions as possible.. no matter if there is a bug or ten bugs or a layering issue in a single extension ....
    this has nothing to do with quality at least. i dunno

    my problem with this philosophy is the huge amount of waiting .. waiting for bugfixes , waiting for a reply to get this or that fixed , i mean why do we download extensions? to wait most of the time for bugfixes?

    and really this is just a very friendly buddylike unharsh advice and i only try to make my point clear.
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