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Can't see ANY extensions... Help?

edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, all. Very new user here. (about 24 hours...) I watched the flash on how to install extensions. I've downloaded a lot of them onto my computer and then uploaded them onto my hosting account. I can't see them when I am logged in as Administrator on Vanilla. I click on Settings Tab and the Extensions link on the right. I don't see anything but the basic "nothing here, here's where to get them" message. Nothing to check like in the demo.... I put the different folders in .../vanillaforum/extensions, just like the demo said to do. I'm using a free hosting account. Would that make a difference? Sorry if this isn't enough information. Help? Truthmaster


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    Okay, now it's a regular hosting account. I needed to buy it anyways. Still on And I could "see" a style that I uploaded (although it was broken), so I know it's "seeing" the right directory.... Help? Truthmaster
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    please help.... Can't figure this out..... It should be so easy. ........ arg......
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    Have you checked the file/folder permissions for the extension directory and its contents? Try doing a recursive chmod (your ftp app should be able to help you with that) of 777 on the extensions folder. If that works (or even if it doesnt, in some cases) try dropping it to 655 or 644.
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    OMFG. (let the public laughing/flaying begin) I'm such an idiot. I *knew* it couldn't be the ubiquitous "chmod 777" because (unlike most noobs) I DID do a search of the forums before I posted. I had tried many of the solutions that were online. But guess what? I missed the most basic of all..... and if Minisweeper hadn't said to use an FTP app, I never would have figured it out. Now get this. I've been downloading the extensions onto my home computer and unzipping them. Then I just uploaded the upzipped folder WITHOUT LOOKING INSIDE. Duh. When I uploaded everything again using SmartFTP, it showed the contents of the folders and SOB, there are folders UNDERNEATH the folders. God, what a silly mistake..... Of course, everything works perfectly now, once I uploaded the folders WITHIN!!! Thanks for your help and enjoy this note.... Truthmaster
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    It's way too early for me to comprehend how your unzip app managed to not unzip all the folders, but cool!
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