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How easy would this feature be? Simple vote up or down?

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Yahoo is being panned for emulating a digg-like feature on their Yahoo auto site. Take a look at how it works: Would this be easy to do? I'm thinking it'd involve just two icons, up and down, and then a vote counter based on a click. Just throwing this out there for discussion.


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    A few similar discussions (because I'm sure there's at least a dozen more of them): [1] [2] [3]

    I'd love to see this kind of feature too, especially since some of my users started to post utter crap a while ago. I don't know what would be better between tweaking the vote extension or starting a new one from scratch, but this would definitely rock.
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    Without having read all the other discussions, the extension rating comes in my mind.
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    edited February 2007
    You're thinking about the rating system for the extension directory?

    In fact, I wonder what's the main purpose of a vote extension : to give a note, which means you express yourself on the quality of a discussion, or to allow a community-moderating system, which means users can (and will) bury discussions they don't like? This isn't exactly the same thing.

    I think a simple thumb up/thumb down would be more appropriate for moderation purposes. In my opinion Thankful People would be an interesting start. Just need to add the possibility to sink and/or delete a comment (or the whole discussion when voting for the first comment) after a given amount of thumbs down. It would be interesting to keep track of unthankful people as well, maybe as an option.

    The question is to know how to determine the number of thumbs down before a discussion get sunk or deleted.
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    Sorry if this is old but i'm really keen for an extension like this. I have the "Thankful People" extension running.. what would be awesome would for each individual post to show how many time it has been 'thanked' (or Thumb-Upped).. and to add the Thumb-Down button as well. The number of Thumb-Downs to sink a post should be a setting that the admin can set.. so busier forums can have a higher number, etc. Anyone reckon they can do it?
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    Any news on an extension like this? I'd love to have a way right from the discussion list (and from inside the discussion), to let users vote for a particular thread.
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    I'm going to create voting on comments/discussions add-on (within months, maybe weeks) check this one discussion why I need it: Actually I'm playing with making Vanilla UI work nice multilingually (also with extension translations) and I'm working on czech language translation. Anyway the #1 thing in the post (CommentSummary) I have almost finished, so then I'm going to do #2 which is quality/obsoletness voting which might work exactly as you want. So you can see I'm really busy :) but definitely it is in my todo list (also together with esperanto translation and more sofisticated Vote/Poll add-on). :)
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    are we talking about Voting per discussion or per comment
    seems like you guys don't agree on what you want and how do you it to work.
    not agreeing isn't good, cause it's a mess for extension developers to make it so it pleases everyone
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    edited December 2007
    ok i'm making it right now.
    can anyone give a markup of how the Digg box will be added to the discussionlist and the css to make it look like on digg
    i rather spend time coding this than worry about the markup
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    edited December 2007
    I'm talking about voting per discussion, NOT per comment.

    It would be great if this would be an option to enable this on a per category, OR even down to a per discussion level.

    When someone votes, it would increment the number, bump the discussion up, and notify people subscribed (just like when a new comment is made).

    It would also register who voted (maybe by displaying it as a comment but just a simple one line "User" -VOTED-... or something.

    This combined with the vCal plugin would enable me to replace two other applications, and make the overall user experience for my site MUCH MUCH more seamless.

    If there is anything I can do to help with either of those add-ons PLEASE let me know know.

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    I'm talking about both, because I need both, so it is option to turn voting per discussion on/off and option to turn voting per comment on/off.
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    jkjunkfilterIt would also register who voted (maybe by displaying it as a comment but just a simple one line "User" -VOTED-... or something.
    I'll make this optional. cause displaying 1000 names will be resource hungry. like on digg you have a different tab for who dugg this
    jkjunkfilterIt would be great if this would be an option to enable this on a per category
    then some discussion will have the digg button and others won't, since the digg button is next tot he discussion name, some some discussions will be indented and other won't, making it really ugly looking

    right now my plan is make it exactly like digg, discussion based and comment based.

    just to make one thing clear this will be really database extensive, getting all this information per discussion/ per comment per user. no wonder digg is so slow
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    Yeah, I'm sure it will probably be a bit of a hog.

    Though in the case I suggested would it be any different that having a thousand replies? Also a 1000 votes would be a a decent amount of traffic/participation.

    I think it would look ok with some discussions having the vote button, and others not. Though the option of turning it on for a particular category would be enough for me (so that all discussions in that category have it). That way, you could have a single forum for discussions, with a particular category where people post things and other vote and comment. Thats what I'm looking for.

    Im trying to replace pligg with this. Right now Im using pligg for voting, etc, and vanilla for pure discussion. This would replace pligg for me, which would be GREAT.

    Please just let me know if you need any help at all, and thanks again!

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    edited December 2007
    should sort by digg be a user preference
    what should happen if you bury a discussion. should it have a hashed grid, similar to disabled extensions, or should it simply vanish never to be shown again forever.
    On digg its removed to oblivion, but what if you initially hated the discussion but now some friends convinced you that its good and now you want to read it again, now what.

    three options
    1) Don't remove the discussion from the page but sort it so it disappears from frontpage
    2) put a hashed grid on it and leave it where it is
    3) Un bury it from the account page which contains all your diggs and buried discussion
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    My vote is for: 2) put a hashed grid on it and leave it where it is So that the Vanilla functionality isn't to degraded.
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    edited December 2007
    how do you run javascript from a tag 1) <a href="#" onClick="myFunction();"> Click me</a> this option adds a # to the url which I don't want because rescrolls the page back to the top. It shouldn't move at all 2) <a href="javascript:myFunction()">Click me</a> this is putting javascript:myFunction() in the url and not working
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    <span onclick="myFunction()">Click me</span> you can setup cursor changing by css property cursor, also it is possible to change statusbar info when onmouseover, onmouseout by javascript to fake it more :)
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    I think there should be a option (maybe in the sidebar of categories with the feature turned on) to sort the discussion by votes/diggs.

    Also, I don't have a need for the "bury option" in my particular case, but I prefer option #2 as well. (hashed grid and leave it)
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    ok what should i call this. I obviously can't call it Digg.
    plus the name should have an opposite like Love hate etc

    btw why no one is using the vote extension whats wrong with that one
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    Does it have to be digg like, Burying a discussion doesn't decrease the diggs. only undigg can
    how about a simple up or down, up adds vote down subtracts them
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