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Desperately seeking a freelancer....

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Hi, sorry for the spam like approach to this, but we are in need. We are looking for a freelancer to come in on a project and help complete a vanilla installation/set up. Our current contractor has bailed on us. We think it may be a couple of days work (up to a week). London UK based company. Freelancer can be based anywhere in the world as long as they can do the work.


  • You should be able to do this yourself. But then again, maybe you are talking about customization.
  • Yes we are unfortunately. The project is 85% complete with some tweaks and bugs to be fixed. But we need someone who knows Vanilla to complete on time. We can source PHP bods, but none can do the work quickly enough.
  • What exactly is involved? Theme work? Extension work? Just getting stuff together and ironing out the bugs?
  • The system is set up and installed already and has been tested by the client. It's a mix of user bugs and functionality requests, so what's left to do is this final work. There's a work list of 12 items - some of which are simple tweaks, others may involve some extension work, for example: Request: When you open and post can it post without previewing (should make preview compulsory) Work: will need to edit the extension that allows previewing so that the post button is not visible until the preview is visible.
  • I would guess that at least some of the items are already accomplished by some add-on. Why don't you post your list here, so the community can help. If there are things that are missing, then you could get someone to do what is needed, if they are possible. I'm sure that no one would refuse any payment for things that would need development.
  • Thanks for the suggestion jimw - but I really need one person to come on board and work this stuff through as deadlines are looming - we'll be paying proper rates for the work (plus a desperate help needed bonus no doubt). If anyone is interested I can send them more details tomorrow.
  • Well I'd love to help but although my knowledge of vanilla is pretty reasonable I'm not always able to back it up with the sufficient knowledge in PHP, and I dont have a design bone in my body. If there's no theme stuff involved I might be able to pull through though, so you could use me as a last resort if noone else jumps...
  • Have you contacted Mark? Obviously I don't know his work schedule, but he knows Vanilla pretty well ;)
  • Can we know what is your deadline?
  • if you post the list i could see if i would be able to accomplish the requested items.
  • Hi everyone - sorry for the delayed response. 1. The deadline is as soon as possible - end of next week would be great. 2. The design, installation, main coding has all already been done. 3. We need someone who can code only - no design work needed. 4. We need someone who knows Vanilla back to front and upsidedown. 5. We are looking for hands on rather than pointers (we don't have the time/resources to do it ourselves). 6. The work is mostly basic tweaking, with some extension editing (not writing though). 6. If you can do the above then email me direct james dot maltby at mac dot com with your CV.
  • Thanks Max_B.
  • edited February 2007
    OK - just to clarify - here's the list of things we need doing... 1. Problem: real name and email shows in profile for users - only want to show this for moderators Solution: these will need to be styled Edit: vanilla setup will have to edited to change this 2. Edit: no longer an issue - cleared up. 3. Edit: we will investigate this ourselves. 4. Prob: Sink discussion doesn't seemt to be working Sol: This is part of the functionality of vanilla - we'll need more exploration to understand what's at fault Edit: this we will need help on. 5. Prob: Browse older threads not there Sol: we pointed the client to read about closing discussions - Edit: this we may need help on - but it may not be an issue. 6. Prob: Report post not working Sol: issue with vanilla setup - incomplete? Edit: this we will need assistance on. 7. Prob: When you open and post can you post without previewing (should make preview compulsory) Sol: extension needs to be modified so that post button is not visible until on the preview screen Edit: this we may need help on, though we could do this ourselves 8. Prob: When logged into thread can't see what room you are in (pink highlighting disappears) Sol: formatting issue - we could probably do this Edit: we can do this ourselves - so won't need help. 9. Q: What is insert link? A: allows a user to post a hyperlink Edit: They want only moderators able to add html hyperlinks - so this may need to be disabled for users. we will need help on it. 10. Feature: must see 'moderator is currently online' when moderator logged on Edit: we may need help on this. 11. Feature: Must ensure untrusted users cannot send private messages - we are confused by this point - as 'untrusted' users can't post at all - we need to clarify Edit: there is untrusted and trusted status - only after a user has posted serveral times will a moderator allow them to post without being moderated. this has been done, but I'm not sure it it has been done on whispered comments - we will need help on this. 12. Edit: a design issue - we'll deal with this. Edit: so, the list is reduced now - we can attempt some of this ourselves (as I've freed up one of our inhouse guys for a bit) but we will need help on some of the above things.
  • could you just edit your last post to carefully explain what you want done? Other than that i'm interested
  • Hi Vincent - sure - will edit now. Where are you based?
  • Hmm, so:
    1: Theme editing job.
    4: Would need to investigate.
    6: Are you using an extension for 'reporting posts'?
    7: Need some funky JS action to only enable the post button when the preview has been used.
    9: Do you want normal users to be able to use HTML but just not link? Or not use HTML at all?
    10: Should be pretty simple.
    11: Shouldnt take much work to enable it for whispered messages if you've already got it for normal ones.

    Assuming work isnt too busy tonight (completely dead last night) I could probably get most of that done, certainly by Monday. I'm based in Harrogate, UK. Drop me an email if you like.
  • @ Minisweeper - i've sent you an email. @ everyone else - thanks for all your suggestions and support on this.
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