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Development tools

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Please list the development tools you use and love. I see discussions on design (photoshop etc) .. but what about all those nifty editors, firefox extensions, and other things that make your life easy?

Here are mine (my system is XP):

PHP - Zend Studio (I love its code completion. Vanilla obviously wasn't written in ZDE - it's missing code completion helper comments)
HTML + CSS - Zend also (used to use Adobe GoLive years ago for CSS (has a wizard), until I learned it well enough)
Java - Eclipse (I only build occasional applets)
JS - either Zend or Eclipse + JS ext (I tend to just use Zend)
Actionscript - SE|PY Actionscript editor (it's okay - I haven't found anything better)
Source control - Subversion + Tortoisesvn. It's excellent.
Test Platform - VMWare + Ubuntu (I run the whole site on my PC - but files are shared (sit on XP))
Throttle HTTP traffic - Charles Web debugging proxy
Test regular expressions - The RegEx coach
Unlocker (see which process won't let you delete a file)
Sothink SWF decompiler (learn how they do that flash magic)
Photoshop (of course)
ACDSee (image viewer)
Desktop Manager - AltDesk
Font Viewer - Printer's Apprentice
backup s/w - Double Image (I backup to a terastation, works great)
text editor - Ultra Edit (its okay)

Test with different browsers/environments : VMWare + Win 2000, VMWare + OSX (yes - I got it working)

Firefox extensions :
- CSSViewer
- Add N Edit Cookies
- Firebug (excellent)
- Javascript Debugger
- Window Resizer
- View Source Chart
- Tamper Data (change HTTP requests, capture)


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    I've always had a soft spot for jEdit myself, couldn't really say why, I just like the way it does things. Beyond Compare is an essential tool for comparing text files and showing you the differences.

    In FireFox, you need to add the Web Developer toolbar to your suite there (Ctrl+Shift+S toggles CSS on and off). Oh, and NoScript and AdBlock ;)
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    OMG I'm so 1337 textmate firebug mamp
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    I use these on OSX: CSSEdit Eclipse (for everything that involves coding) + plugins (aptana, php, together, subclipse) TextMate for batch stuff or quick coding Xcode for osx development MAMP as testing environment (PHP/Apache/Mysql for OSX) Transmit for FTP Lineform for quick vector design Photoshop CS2 Linotype Fontexplorer Subversion For Firefox I use the web dev toolbar and firebug, the best things ever made since pizza :D
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    I love the Web Developer FF add-on - it's awesome. thanks! I'm looking for a good PHP profiler and debugger (I've tried Zend platform before - very good, but expensive).
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    Someone referred me to a new tool called Aptana IDE. I just downloaded it and started using it the other day.
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    - TortoiseSVN and Unison for integrity, backups and not losing weeks or months of work! - Firefox (and countless extensions), Opera and Thunderbird (+MinimizeToTray) - PSPad and HTML-Kit - FileZilla - Apache/MySQL/PHP4+5/RoR - Cygwin (scripting with shell/sed/awk/diff/grep can save hours) - Putty and WinSCP
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