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People whom demand opensource service

edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Does anyone else in the community get as irate as I do upon reading threads where people are demanding that an extension, update, style, etc. are completed? Perhaps I'm just a little grumpy this morning but I really believe there is a fine line in making requests in an opensource community. I'm not even a developer but just reading people saying "Can this be done by this week" or "Why hasn't this been finished yet?" make me cringe. I think that asking for a status update is perfectly ok, but telling someone they need to finish a free service for the sake of yourself is ignorant. Sorry for the rant! haha..


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    I don't think people really mean what they say (at times). Sometimes they read into something things that are not there. Each one of us has our own perspective and expectations. If we thought about the other person first, we would eliminate a lot of problems.
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    Personally, I'm just trying to show enthusiasm. Its good to show those who are doing the work that there is still interest in it. Otherwise, those who are putting in the time might no longer see a motivation. I know if I said I was going to do something, for free or for just the betterment of a community, I'd want someone to remind me every once in a while that I said I'd do something. I'm mostly scatter-brained, otherwised, devoting time to multiple projects.
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    there is also a fine line in offering unfinished and buggy stuff or tested and finished stuff (nothing is finished up to 1000% in this world, but its functional and operative).

    unfinished and buggy stuff is allways a problem, no matter if free or not
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    i agree with garvin, but fery makes a good point too.

    i usually like to rag on someone to get something done to show excitement and that i think their idea is great, not because i feel like they owe me anything. i definitely think some people over do it though and are completely out of line with their demands.
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