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PHPBB migrator errors (without end)

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Hi, I have installed version 0.9.26 and tried to use the migrator with this result: Anybody out there? THANK YOU :)


  • It gives us a 404
  • Oh man...I am sorry. Played around again - here is the "working" link: Thank you for looking into it!
  • Have you tried running that query on your database to see what results it gives?
  • i donno how... I guess this is to complicated for me...
  • You'd need a mysql management app such as phpMyAdmin which allows you to execute SQL queries on your database. I'd ask your host what's available then look around the net for some help with them.
  • Just checking that you have everything. You need the phpBB tables (obviously), but you also need the Vanilla tables in the same database. The migrator doesn't create any tables for you. And you need to check the table prefixes for the phpbb and vanilla tables.

    The migrator assumes your phpbb tables all start with phpbb_ (so phpbb_forums, phpbb_users etc), if you don't have this prefix on your tables you need to change the settings in the migrator. Same for the Vanilla tables.
  • I also experienced the errors being displayed when I converted. But the conversion was OK... Did you check the converted output? Does Vanilla give errors with it? Do you miss anything?
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    nothing gets imported. I have set the right prefix for my phpbb tables but what tables to make in the vanilla db? Vanilla is running already and yes, I guess I did not specify the target... this is in my mysqldetails.php: <?php $db = @mysql_connect ("localhost", "user", "password") or die ('I cannot connect to the database because: ' . mysql_error() .', Are you sure you have set your details correctly in the mysqldetails.php file'); mysql_select_db ("phpbb"); //Set a series of table references incase of non-default setups $phpbb_forums = "phpbb_forums"; $phpbb_posts = "phpbb_posts"; $phpbb_topics = "phpbb_topics"; $phpbb_posts_text = "phpbb_posts_text"; $phpbb_users = "phpbb_users"; $LUM_Category = "LUM_Category"; $LUM_Comment = "LUM_Comment"; $LUM_Discussion = "LUM_Discussion"; $LUM_User = "LUM_User"; $refreshtime = "0"; function DateTimeFromTimeStamp($TimeStamp) { return date("Y-m-d H:i:s", $TimeStamp); } ?> my vanilla dbs name is "vanilla_old" and the db name from phpbb is "phpbb". the tables prefix for vanilla is "LUM_" and for phpbb is "phpbb_". I hope that tells something :-)
  • It could be that your vanilla tables are spelled with lowercase letters.
  • No thats fine. But how does the script know where to copy the data into? I think I did knowhere specify that the target databse is named vanilla_old (lol). Where do I have to? :-)
  • You cant migrate between databases, only tablesets within a single database.
  • So I need to add all the tables from my "vanilla_old" db to my phpbb database?
  • Yep. All tables have to be in the same database.
  • Wow! Big difference - got some stuff imported. Migrator: But many cats are in to often, like "Welcome" (though empty). How to remove them, just in the DB?
  • What do you mean theyre in too often?
  • And all users are moderators now :-)
  • I have just deleted the duplicated categories, looking great now. Only the problem that all Users are Mods...
  • Yeah you'd have to run a database query like UPDATE `LUM_User` (`RoleID`) VALUES ('3') WHERE `RoleID`='4' Which should clear up the moderators issue.
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    Special Chars did not propberly import, like in "UJET (not included in quaterly report) -> Mail to RA", the "& g t ;"
  • Sorry that update query was duff. Try UPDATE `LUM_User` SET `RoleID`='3' WHERE `RoleID`='4' As for special characters, yeah. I dont have a fix for that. You may be able to sort it by changing the character encoding on your database but I'm not sure.
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