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Role Icon

The role icon will replace the user’s icon on all comments and the account page. (Lussumo Docs on Role permissions)
Wouldn't it be better the other way round? I mean a user gets assigned an icon depending on his role and if he/she provides a custom icon it will be overridden by this one.

Another question. Is it possible to display the role icon just additionally to the custom icon? So that a user can see if a user is an admin/moderator and this person can still have a custom icon?


  • I agree, this seems very silly to me.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Yeah - that's a leftover from a very old version of Vanilla. Originally the role icon was meant more as a punishment than a reward. For example, the douchebag role (one people would be assigned to for being ... yep, a douchebag) had a specific icon, and so it was supposed to override the person's default.

    I guess I never thought of it the other way around (as it is now), and you're definitely right.
  • HAHA that's funny! Love to see that icon :)
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    WallPhone is a douchebag!!!
    WallPhone is a complete and utter douchebag
  • Heh, that's funny! Anyway, is there any way to make the role icon a default and have the individual icon override that? Better yet, to toggle the settings so that role icons would override individual settings for specific roles, say banned users?
  • This may be the sort thing I'm after. I'd like to to obvious who the moderators are on my forum so an icon under their actual icon (or even to right of their name) would be prefect Even jsut to be able to display their role as text would be enough thanks
  • How about the role tagline?
  • Speaking of default icons, WallPhone helped me out with almost the same thing over here (although it had nothing to do with roles.) It was done with a database query, but if this Role Icon extension can be modified how JLee and others want it, i could do it with this. And I think that would be better.
  • thanks for you advice minisweeper

    i've had a look at the tagline thing and apart from being able to post text in there, with the big ugly pink bar there's little else I can do with it.

    where is the css that would adjust it to display an small image just below the user icon. here's the css as it stands at the moment

    #Comments .CommentNotice { padding: 6px; font-size:13px; text-align: center; border-top: 1px solid #D9999A; border-bottom: 1px solid #D9999A; background: #FEE1E1; color: #850406 !important; margin: 10px 0px 10px 0px;

    I'd prefer to be able to add the image address in the tagline so I'd have image for a different role.
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    what about having the role icon an overlay on their custom icon... that way if it's a punishment, it could overlay the entire icon, but if it's like "I'm a moderator" it could just be a little mini-icon in the corner of their icon....
  • I managed to adjust the css to match that of the signature, so it's just a tasteful word of phrase under the icon.
  • *bump* see my comment above
  • The User Info extension provide the role text on-hover if that's any help.
  • I know, I requested the UserInfo addon
  • Well, since the user's icon is already a background, I suppose it would be cake to overlay another icon on top of it... I think the hard part would be bending the code around that... it might have to be a completely separate setting... but then again I recently did some stuff to override some of the core classes...
  • yeah, you would have you rewrite the whole role icon code. i can't see how you could bend it around to overlay
  • I would like to see this too.... I really hate the big pink bar that Vanilla uses to show who is a Mod, user, or admin. When I turned the "role icon" on it looks really sharp, but having user supplied avatars is a must for our board....
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