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Janine - Automatically post to Vanilla from a blog

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have written an extension to automatically post to Vanilla when you write or update a blog post. I call it Janine.

The 1.0.0 release was written to work with WordPress 2.1.X (it may also work with 2.0.X but don't hold me to that). But it should be easy to extend it to work with any blog that can be configured to send an XML-RPC ping whenever an update happens.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or if I did anything wrong. This is my first Vanilla add-on so any guidance is appreciated. If nobody finds any big show-stopper in a week or so I will submit it to the add-ons list.



  • You fancy uploading this to the addons site?
  • If nobody finds any big show-stopper in a week or so I will submit it to the add-ons list.

    I just have really bad luck with saying "it's finished" right before it explodes.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited February 2007
    One thing you should be aware of is that in the new version of Vanilla you cannot post form data into the discussionform control from an external script. I haven't looked at how Janine works, so I don't know if that will affect you - but as long as you insert your discussion/comments directly into the db there should be no problem.

    Take a look at this to see what I'm talking about. The only concern should be the SessionPostBackKey and the FormPostBackKey properties of the PostBackControl class.
  • Thank you Mark for illustrating my point.

    Janine doesn't actually use the DiscussionForm control. It creates a Discussion object and a Comment object and populates the data members, then creates a DiscussionManager and calls SaveDiscussion(). Does this method still work?

    I could just insert directly into the db but this way feels more "right".
  • nice plugin, if it can work both way (I mean from Vanilla to WP, too), it will be awesome!
  • Yep, there's not problem with using the discussion manager. That's the good way to do it.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Squirrel - you've done it in a great way - shouldn't be any problems there :)
  • i can confirm that thie plugin does not work correctly in 2.x.
  • Nice nice nice! Happy time!
  • @circuit, you mean 2.0.x, right?
  • yes i do.
  • Hm, okay. I'll install 2.0.whatever today and investigate.
  • edited February 2007
    Works for me on a fresh install of WP 2.0.9 and Vanilla 1.0.3. What part isn't working for you, circuit?

    Edit: I lied, Janine doesn't add the discussion link to the WP post like it should.

    Edit #2: Well, crap. I'm dumb. Not only does it not work in 2.0.9, it doesn't work at all. I made a change to Janine.Control.WordPress21.php at the last minute and forgot to test it. No time to fix it right now but I'll bump the version and re-post when I get a chance.

    Until then, PLEASE DE-ACTIVATE JANINE. Thanks.
  • when i tried to use it, i posted a new article.
    janine posted three entries on the forum which corresponded to an existing wordpress post, not the one i had just written.
  • edited February 2007
    The new Janine is up, version is 1.0.1. You can unzip this version directly on top of the old version.

    This version should work with both WordPress 2.0.X and 2.1.X. Please let me know if this fixes your problems, circuit.
  • Note: Squirrel as uploaded the latest version of Janine to the add-ons section.

    Janine-related comments can be entered there too.
  • is it possible to only create a forum post when a blog is posted in certain categories? no big deal if not, but it would make my life a bit easier!
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