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Moderate New User posts

edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi guys - it's me again... I'm hunting for an extension that may/may not exist. When a new user is added to a forum we want the ability to 'hold' their posts until an admin allows the post through to the live forum. After a few posts the admin can then change their status to post fully (without moderation). I guess we need to 'edit' roles and permissions to add a 'post direct' feature to the list of roles. Should we be tampering with this part of Vanilla or is there an extension that already does this? I guess moderated posts would either appear within a forum only viewable by admin/moderator or within it's own screen on the admin pages. I think we are going to have to build this/comission this ourselves, but if there is one already around it would be dandy...


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    Hi James, How's the forum going? I hope all my work was fruitful? Assuming you're wanting this to work for the same 'trusted' users as the ones who are allowed to private message, you could nick the code which checks that out of the comments_form.php theme file, and use it in an if statement which automatically set new posts to 'deleted' if the user was untrusted, then emails the moderators (if you want) (using the code i used in the report post ext) telling them to check it out. Aslong as you turn on 'deleted comments viewable' for mod permissions that should do the trick I think?
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    Hi Minisweeper - hey I thought you were skiing or something else alpine? :) Yes, your work was very good, thank you. Although this issue has now arisen. If we needed a fix could you do it? Or will you be on the piste? :) I was thinking that if we used that 'trusted' status colum we only need to flag whether a post was sent by an untrusted user or not - if it was it would be 'hidden' to all but moderators, who would then either a) delete it, b) set it to post, which in turn would clear the untrusted status and make the post viewable or c) change their roles to trusted member - so they could post direct. I like your thinking on the above, but it would mean altering the trusted status of a user via the roles dashboard...
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    gotta run.. will be back tomorrow though...
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    I am skiing - i'm having a post-piste chill out in the room. There's wireless in the hotel but it aint cheap :( I'm a bit confused by your second paragraph there...hidden and deleted are one and the same thing (unless you use the comment removal extension which actually wipes a post alltogether) so yeah my idea was that untrusted users posts would automatically be hidden and a mod can un-hide them if they were suitable. I dont quite get what you mean by 'but it would mean altering the trusted status of a user via the roles dashboard...' though - how else were you planning on changing a member from untrusted to trusted status? If you do need me I will probably be around most evenings this week but obviously work is second priority. Let me know...
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