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Selling a Domain

edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
So, I have this domain that I assume has a bit of worth to it, as over the last 3-4 months, I've gotten a few emails of people trying to buy it from me. They always ask what I'd sell it for, but I either don't respond or say I'm not interested in selling it. I'm not really using it for anything, 1&1 by default automatically registers it for me, so - you know, I guess I'm just lazy in not doing antyhing with it.

But, here is the question... I'm ready to sell it. But, what should I ask for it? How would I go about determining how much to sell it for? I mean, I could just charge them what I was charged, but I would like to make something off of it, especially if they're willing to buy it from me.

Please help.


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    garvin, we need to know the name to say something about the price :-)
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    edited February 2007 has a lot of listings of domains for sale... compare yours to the ones they have available and charge a 10-20% markup since you are dealing face-to-face. And remember that in price negotiations, the person who names a price first looses. Ask them how much they are willing to pay, and they are ususally actually willing to pay a bit more than that.
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    Couldn't agree more with wallphone.

    Garvin, whats the domain?
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    Sweet guys. Looks like my original ballpark figure based on ignorance was about 300% less than what it could actually be worth according to DNScoop. And I actually did ask them first to see what they were thinking. I'll be pleasantly surprised if he takes the offer (with the markup) I suggested.

    You may not see me for a while, cause once the Wii comes bakc into stores here in Cleveland, that's where I'll be... infront of the TV playing with a wii.
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    OK, that last sentence from a Pee-wee Herman avatar was just too much.
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    Mmm.... wii-ty!
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    hahahaha LMMFAO
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    You'd need to share the name if you wanted me to comment in specifics. But, for starters, if
    several others are asking to buy it, the domain is probably worth way more than you paid for it...

    Check out if you cannot make money with the domain yourself to cover the yearly renewal cost.
    I own 200+ domains, the revenues of the top 10 cover the renewal costs for the rest. In this
    respect I prefer (50% higher click-revenues than sedo).

    Before you sell it, and if the domain name is OK or better, consider getting a SEDO domain name
    appraisal report (they once surprised me big-time, asking 3x what I thought it was worth on a
    good day). They investigate/judge several factors, e.g. misspellings, length, trademark, etc.
    It can strengthen any negotiations about a domain.

    If you do decide to sell, never EVER sell it without an escrow service, and NEVER trust anyone
    who proposes to switch the sale to another escrow service or pay you directly via paypal, so
    'you both save'. There are some crooked/fake escrow services around, created just to screw
    you over.

    I'm actually speaking from experience here. I almost let greed get the better of me when I was
    offered $35k for a domain appraised at $15k, only to have this guy propose changes at the last
    minute, and I was one mouse-click away from losing it for chump change.

    Known trustworthy ones are network solutions ( and There are others but
    I'm lazy. probably also offer escrow services.

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    PS Do not rely on

    My domain that was valued at $15k by Sedo, is valued as $200 by DNScoop.

    DNScoop bases value on existing links & traffic but for traffic estimates
    they depend on Alexa stats, which are really easy to 'game'. The potential
    in domains (e.g. typotraffic, subject etc.) is not taken into account.
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    I sold it. It was a good price. Thanks for the links and the advice.
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    why the secret? tell us what the domain was... no domain, it didn't happen!
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    the one domain that I didn't renew that I wish I had was d'oh!
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    The estimated value of is: $696,420 oof!
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    u2, that's only because this site now has traffic (at least if that estimate is by dnscoop) and a relatively high alexa rating.

    Garvin, was a great name. short, no trademark etc. Should be at least $2500
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    who are you calling ignorant?
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    Putting in a few websites I run, dnscoop seems quite inconsistent in its pricing. However, it's quite interesting info it gives in general,
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    The estimated value of is: $1,800,840 Something tells me Mark wouldn't be putting up much of a fight if someone offered him that...
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    wow i wish i owned it....
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