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Please provide me with ammunition on why unlimited bandwidth sucks

blizeHblizeH ✭✭
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
My friends keep telling me I should move to unlimited bandwidth hosting, I don't want to, but need some backup on the reasons why (i.e. unlimited bandwidth hosts 99% of the time suck).


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    I beg to differ.
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    blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    edited February 2007
    Very constructive, and anyway, awtfay?
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    unlimited bandwidth hosts 99% of the time suck... well, I guess.
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    My reason why you should not: because hosts with unlimited bandwidth attract people/sites
    who need unlimited bandwidth, and since most hosts oversubscribe/oversell, you're more
    likely to become the victim of the peak requirements (success) of another site on the same

    PLUG (non-commercial, no links, just opinion)
    I actually wholeheartedly recommend 1and1. They're cheap, have great uptime, support is
    not bad, and PLENTY of bandwidth. Yes there are some issues installing certain open source
    packages, and yes they do not allow some, but in 95% of the cases this is not some random
    exclusion, but a necessity to prevent undue loads on a server and/or silly security breaches.
    I don't think better value is to be had in hosting land right now...

    I have 3 accounts there, two simple, one developer accounts, plus a pretty expensive
    account at a high-speed place in the UK {$100+ a month}) and I can't say that the 1and1 servers
    are much slower. Moreover, my 1and1 accounts have been down only a few HOURS in 3 years!
    (don't get me started about the friggin' mediatemple clowns, who easily averaged 10+ hours
    a month)
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    I can also vouch for 1and1, along with Flexihosting and Dreamhost. I've had very few issues with those three and they all provide a LOT of limited bandwidth, that I've never managed to exceed, for a very fair price.
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    No worries guys, I just upgraded Blizeh to an 'unlimited bandwidth' plan. Well, as unlimited as every other server running on a 100mb nic with an AUP in place. But it aught to stop his forum going down at the end of each month atleast :)
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    @Mini, oh jeez, we're f*cked.
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    lol. why?
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    Mini, I am sure he was teasing you lol
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    I was :-)
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    edited March 2007
    no... I meant blizeth was. It was a bluff. well done blizeth ;-)
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    Oh I know he'd never leave me anyway. My service is too fucking awesome. But atleast this way (realistically) the product i sell him is no different (it's not like he's gonna suddenly start shifting terabytes of data, is it (the answer is no, nick :P)) but it means less trouble for both of us and his OMGUNLIMITED friends are happy too.
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    blize how much bandwidth do you use each month?
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    (i.e. unlimited bandwidth hosts 99% of the time suck)

    I would say at least 99.9% of unlimited hosts suck because 99.9% of the time they are lying. Either they're lying by omission because their flashy UNLIMITED advert doesn't mention the fine print in their contract, or they're just plain lying because they pretend they can offer all of their customers infinite bandwidth for a fixed price. It's never a good idea to sign a contract with somebody who is lying to you.

    The closest I can imagine getting to real 'unlimited' is either by paying tons of money or by getting a 'friend' deal from someone who you know personally (like Mini, in this case).
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    He's pushing over 5gig now quickguap. Not much but considering he was using less than 3 a few months ago it's been difficult to guage a limit. :)
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