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Mark, Do you have an explantion???

y2kbgy2kbg New
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have seen this many times, and have also experienced this myself:

"OK i'm pretty sure i posted in this discussion..."

"Gremlins are at it again. I posted a response yesterday and it's nowhere to be found."

"This has happened to be 3-4 times as well - the missing post thing, not the posting in the wrong discussion."

Wanderer suggests this:
"It's happened to me too here on this forum, but I'm sure it's because I hit Back to Discusions instead of Add your comments which are way too close to each other for my liking!"

And OMFG Wanderer....It should be Discussions!!Proof

I just thought that this deserves its own discussion.


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    edited March 2007
    Have you seen the post and you didn't find it again later or you were sent back to the discussions page assuming your post had been sent (what seems strange to me since I think you would notice right away that something has changed; for example no focus on your new post, no the yellow fading...).
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    I saw the post with its yellowfade. Then I went Back To Discussions and saw it. Then at a later time, it was gone. Although Mark pointed out in my last concern that I actually posted to another discussion, I can't beleve I have done this all the time the problem appeared to occur.

    So, what I said was that I was going to keep a notebook where I will add when I make a comment. This is the only way I can determine if I am crazy or if there is a bug.
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    Yeah y2kbg, there have been discussions about this involving Mark recently. I'm gonna try and keep a mental note if i notice it happening again but since i post 10+ comments a day on here it's pretty easy for me to lose track...
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    TomTesterTomTester New
    edited March 2007
    Happened to me too the other day, not once but three times in a row. I could have
    sworn I pressed submit and not preview... but I wasn't sure(*).

    This leads me to a silly suggestion: could we not add a little JavaScript that asks
    if we're SURE that we want to leave a page? It should only pop up if text was entered
    in the comment box (once submitted it clears, after preview it does not)

    * mistakes may be related to my penchant for many open tabs on FF2
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    Tom, I was about to say "Hell NO, that would be annoying" to your comment before I read it all the way through. I'm still not 100% sure I like it as it would seriously slow me down in the forum, but it might be nice to try it as a user configurable thing...

    When it's happened to me I got the yellow fade and then went back to Discussions, then a period of time later (half a day I guess) it wasn't there and other people's earlier and later comments were.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited March 2007
    I don't believe this is actually happening. Until I can see hard proof of it, I can't accept it as a bug. There are a lot of discussions on here, and a lot of them are repetitive - it's entirely possible that we're just all getting confused about the ones we've posted in.

    If it happens to you and you don't post a lot, just use that "Participated Discussions" filter up on the left to see which ones you've been posting in recently... Make sure that you're not just confused.
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    the quotes posted above occurred when Mark was adding Google Ads to the site. Happened to me too. but never after that.
    So far it has been all peachy
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    Never experienced it either. ?
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    I think it may have been my mistake.

    Discovered there's an extension that actually is supposed to do what I
    describe (ConfirmGoBack 0.1 by ithcy), but since the add-on pages are
    a little screwed up right now, Icannot get you the link.
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