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  • Ok a short update:

    I've decided to keep the name Misanthrope since I've invested quite a bit of time and money into it. But I'm going to make the site really attractive and have it change on each visit. I've realized that the domain name is fine but I don't like seeing the name on the site so I've given it a logo of just an M in different contexts. It looks pretty swell.
  • sounds fine to me. I like it.
  • ok, have them both. can just redirect to Misanthrope anyway.
  • Yea, it was either going to go one way or the other. The thing is I've bought an SSL certificate and business cards for Misanthrope. I think in general I just hate saying that word. It sounds find at first but once you say it a billion times it gets really annoying. That 'THROPE' part is killer.
  • i've always thought that hosting providers should strive to have the shortest name possible, especially if user email is involved. if short is impossible (usually is), the strive to have the easiest to communicate verbally. try to avoid having to spell the name out to communicate it correctly. this is really all just for the sake of the users' email addresses. if you already invested money in something, tho... i would probably stick with that.
  • hrm, that's pretty smart actually. I suppose that the ideal would be something easily communicated via word of mouth. Yea I'm not sure to about any of these names. They are not very good.
  • i suppose it really comes down to your users - are they more likely to be communcating their email addresses to people in the real world, i.e., word-of-mouth, business cards, posters; or will they mostly remain electronic, where this matters very much less?
  • I think for the sake of consumers. I will keep the misanthrope for now, spend my time working on a new name / concept. And then have the new company 'buy' the old one. Then just send an e-mail to my customers about the new stuff that will available because of the buyout and then instructions on how to change their DNS info.

    The .nu domains are like 60 bucks per year too, which is a tad to expensive when a dot come is only 8.
  • Well J they have their own domains, so they don't really get email addresses @ my domain... Most of my sales have come from word of mouth, in person and electronically.. I do have a bunch of business cards to dispurse though.
  • oh, i'm certainly not endorsing .nu names, jesus. i've still got mine ONLY because it's been my primary email for almost 8 years. otherwise, i'd drop that sucker like a bad habit.
  • Yea I'm stuck with mine for e-mail reasons too :\
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    whatever is easier for possible clients to remember. if you're hosting actual domains, that might be even better, because typically, without the domain you're just or a number. If you're planning on giving each of your hosted users a subdomain, that's actually really cool even if for some reason their domain goes up in flames and what-not. i would rather have rather than just being just for simplicity sake. tilde's are annoying. so the bottom line, if you have hosting or services.ohhello or whatever other domain, it's sometimes also helpful to do /hosting and /services as folders to redirect in case people are looking that way as well.
  • Well, we primarily only host domains. We don't have any options for subdomains or anything like that.
  • My hosting gives me an IP, and it also gives me a subdomain to boot! On top of that, I've somehow managed to collect 7 domains on there so far, but then it is a virtual machine so I get complete admin access. I do think that having a subdomain offered is a very nice touch, and doesn't take a great deal of administration on the part of the system admin.
  • Yeah. I have a number of my own domains, and prefer to have either fully qualified domains or subdomains. I despise the ~username/ format as well. Because to me that implies a different scope of control. I like the subdomains. I even use subdomains for various parts of my own sites - or etc.

    Also as far as going with one name or a subdomain, is fine. If it's a "parent company" then having a link to the hosting part of the company which goes to is great, actually.
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