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nifkin got me thinking..

edited July 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
is there a way we can prohibit users from uploading animated .gifs as their avatar? :)


  • no but you could always create a role that disables html and what not (like douchebag) and it would block there avatar :D
  • well i don't want to block them, just prohibit annoying avatars..

    or... wait for it.. an extension to disable the displaying of avatars altogether..
  • ya you could probably write an extension... actually couldn't you just use the style sheet and set then to hidden ?
  • prolly.. what i'll end up doing is just creating a role for those that do upload annoying avatars, and it'll say something like...

    "Animated .gif avatars make the baby Jesus cry" or something
  • LOL yes that would hilarious
  • lamentlament
    edited July 2005
    (and if you wanted to make one for nifkin and apply it....)

  • aww, you people are no fun.
  • haha
  • lamentlament
    edited July 2005
    lol i can't hate you nifkin.. you're the one that pointed me into YH (and told me what a nifkin was). :)
  • you can always just click stop/esc once the page is loaded to stop them, you know :P
  • LOL i never knew that. holy crap.
  • domdom
    edited July 2005
    I was thinking the exact same thing... That avatar just ends up real annoying after about 0.34 seconds. Sadly, the only solution is to prohibit (or block) gifs entirely, which is crazy since there are non-animated options out there. However, an extension to block the avatar from an individual user may be possible. I may even look into it at some point, unless of nifkin gets that role change ;P
  • one of the things i want to port over to vanilla from our own home-brew boards is our avatar code, which does a few neat things. first off, it stores the avatars in the database, serverside. most of our users don't have webspace to speak of, so... second, there's very strict controls on the sizes of the avatar. i would imagine forcing the uploaded image to be static would be possible in our approach, and this way, you could enforce non-animated gifs. isn't there a javascript function that stops animated images?
  • lamentlament
    edited July 2005
    if there's a javascript code to defeat Microsoft's Genuine Advantage check, I'm sure there's one to stop animated images. ;)
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    lol @ M$
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