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WordPress Integration: Question on Documentation

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Hi all, I've read the wonderful documentation ( for integrating WordPress with Vanilla several times now, but I'm stuck on setting up User Management. Before I go any further, let me say "thanks!" From what I've seen, the documentation and Vanilla software are really great! Okay, here's the step I'm stuck on: "So, I need to update my admin account with Vanilla’s admin RoleID. I also know that my wordpress admin user is ID 1 in the wp_users table, so I can update my role with the following query: UPDATE wp_users SET RoleID = 4 WHERE id = 1" I was able to confirm my RoleID for Vanilla was 4 by checking LUM_Role in PhpMyAdmin, but in general, my familiarity with MySQL is limited. I performed the previous steps within the documentation manually, though I don't know how to run an automated query on my WordPress database. Can someone please explain the steps needed to run this query or even how to make the update in PhpMyAdmin manually? I know it's a rudementary question for this discussion board, but I guess we all have to start somewhere. Thanks in advance for the help, Enigmatix


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    If you're using phpmyadmin, and you can see the list of your wp_ tables, you should have somewhere on the screen (i'm not sure exactly where) a SQL Query type box. In there you can paste SQL queries to run on the database. Otherwise if you browse the wp_users table in phpmyadmin, there will be an edit button next to the row of your admin user (and all the other rows) - clicking that will let you edit any of the fields. That's a bit vague, but does it help?
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    Minisweeper, Thanks for responding so quickly. I found a tab named "SQL" and ran the query. I didn't get any errors, so I can only assume it worked. Is there a place I can check this change manually? When you say "admin user," what is the exact Field ID? You're definitely pointing me in the right direction, I just need a bit more clarification. I appreciate your help, -Enigmatix
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    Chances are if you didnt get any errors it did work. The 'id' aught to be '1' according to that query up there. The best thing to do would be to look out for your username in a field (i assume) entitled either 'name' or 'username' or some such. Course the other option would be to log into vanilla and see if you're an admin.. :)
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    Minisweeper, It worked! Got through the rest of the tutorial too. Thanks for your help, Enigmatix
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    Cool beans.
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