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Attachments 2.1

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Hi. I just installed this extension and nothing has happened. I expected a new field to appear in the 'add comment box but nothing. Everything else seems to be working fine. Do I need to switch something else on guys?


  • Me again. I know there is another thread on this one but it was discussing errors rather than just not loading. As I said I'm not getting any errors just nothing. Regards Reith
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    u have give the user permission to use attachment, look under roles and permissions. and select Allow attachment. this is already mentioned lot of times on this forum. the Author of the extension needs to add a readme and clarify this. I know it prompts you. but due to some reason people are not seeing the prompt
  • Thanks for this Yes many extensions have a readme file I was looking for it. I have now been prompted and have turned it on but the attachmwents are only showing as a link, i would have prefered as an in-line graphic.
  • If they are images then u have to install "Inline Images" extension to have them display as graphics. Inline Images can optionally also use JQ_Thickbox extension, so you can create Thickbox galleries. ( if u want more than one attachment then use "Multi uploads" extension Yes i know its amazing all of these extensions work together.
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    Oddly since I installed this extension the html formatter 2.0 seems to have stopped working. The one that turns hyperlinks into real links. Are there any know issues between the two extensions?
  • IIRC it's the extended text formatter that turns plain text links like this, into hyperlinks like this It appears to have been updated recently, so have you tried using the latest one? I don't believe that the HtmlFormatter (now at version 2.0.2, so again an update may be advisable) autolinks urls...
  • Thanks Stash. I knew it was one of these two. i have both installed. However it was working but now is not So perhaps I just need to disable it and then turn it back on!
  • I've just installed this into my new 1.1.2 vanilla install. Whenever I try to upload, I receive the following error: Some problems were encountered You are not allowed to upload (testing.txt) the requested file type: plain/text This is using both a zip file and a text file. I've assigned upload permissions in the Roles section. Am I missing something obvious? I've checked the default.php and the array seems fine: $Context->Configuration['ATTACHMENTS_ALLOWED_FILETYPES'] = array ( 'image/gif' => array('gif', 'GIF'), 'image/png' => array('png', 'PNG'), 'image/jpeg' => array('jpg', 'jpeg', 'JPG', 'JPEG'), 'image/pjpeg' => array('jpg', 'jpeg', 'JPG', 'JPEG'), 'application/pdf' => array('pdf', 'PDF'), 'application/x-pdf' => array('pdf', 'PDF'), 'application/msword' => array('doc', 'DOC', 'rtf', 'RTF'), 'application/zip' => array('zip', 'ZIP'), 'application/x-zip-compressed' => array('zip', 'ZIP'), 'application/octet-stream' => array('rar', 'RAR', 'doc', 'DOC'), 'text/plain' => array('txt', 'TXT'), 'application/x-gzip' => array('gz', 'GZ', 'tar.gz', 'TAR.GZ'), 'application/download' => array('rar', 'RAR') );
  • I've looked into this a little. At first I commented out the filetype check in Framework.Class.Uploader and that worked. But then I decided, for the hell of it, to see if it was browser-dependant. Sure enough, with my in Internet Exploder 7, it uploaded perfectly, as well as in Opera 9.x. In Firefox however, zips and text files seem to produce an unknown/unknown file type. Image files upload perfectly well, as do rtf files. Hope this helps.
  • You are not allowed to upload (testing.txt) the requested file type: plain/text
    'text/plain' => array('txt', 'TXT'),
    *ahem* Typo?
  • Sorry? If so, I am slower than even I give myself credit for! :)
  • As an update, and so nobody wastes time on this, my colleague can upload the same files as me without issue in Firefox, so clearly there's something in my Firefox which is upsetting this.
  • The "text" and the "plain" are different ways around in the error and the line you have in the default.php - wouldn't this cause the error?
  • Ah I see what you mean now. No, would be the answer however. As if that was the case it would error for my colleagues too. :) Still trying to get the bottom of it. It's certainly something about my particular Firefox browser it seems.
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    I have two problems with this addon atm. neither add file type functionality that is suppose to appear on the settings page shows up, nor is the attachments properly nestet. instead of <li> there is div tags (as shown below).
    <div id="Attachments_2" class="Attachments"> <ul> <div><img alt="c.jpg" src="/forum/extensions/InlineImages/image.php?AttachmentID=1"/></div>

    edit: I found out why its nested wrong. its the Inline image addon that does it to prevent the list-style-image to appear. seems like a bad way to go about it to me. imho.
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    I had the same issue, and used this post to solve it:

    in short, replace this line:
    'application/download' => array('rar', 'RAR',)
    With this line:
    'application/download' => array('rar', 'RAR', 'zip', 'ZIP')

    Also, main dicussion for this addon is here:

    (yes, i know i kind of necro'd this, but it was the only instance of someone figuring out it was related to firefox issue, and it was the first one i found via google on this topic)
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