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Core options and extension options

Since increasing number of extensions are adding options in the settings page. It would be nice if the core options were separate from extension options. like below.
Picture 1

Attachments and inline images extension already do so, but Page manager does not.
check to see if an extension option list is already there, if yes then add the list item in there, if not create it.

I think all extension developers should do this.


  • That's fine but we need to agree on the official list heading...
  • Me likey
  • Agreed, this would reduce the clutter.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I think "Extended Options" would be a better name...

    Anyone else have any ideas?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Maybe not. I dunno.
  • how about extension options. thats what they are right. options for extensions.
    Do Styles or themes need special settings? if not then Extension Options should be fine.
  • If styles/themes do NOT need them, how about sticking with the oft-used & accepted
    phrase 'add-on' (as opposed to extension)
  • Styles/hemes can have their own heading. that will make them happy and not start a fight with extensions.
  • Extension Options, extended options sounds like it could be referring to additional options to already present vanilla features rather than the extensions.
  • Excellent idea.

    As for the header, I'm having trouble topping "Extension Options". "Add-ons" is common around here, but in the actual Vanilla package itself you only see the term "add-on" in two or three places. Most places, like in the core Options list, it seems the four types of add-ons are listed separately.
  • I'm just gonna clarify this (as i see it). The term Add-On is used as a collective term for: extensions, themes, styles, and languages. Extensions remains (imo) the correct term extension. In complete disagreement with TomTester (sorry), I would say that if themes/styles/languages dont have their own options (which i think they dont) we stick with (possibly) 'Extension Options' - if they do have their own options then we use either Add-On Options, or Extension Options, Theme Options, etc...
  • I'm voting for
    Extension Options
    Theme/Style Options

    Thats it. just 2 etc headings.
  • Gets my vote Schiz :)
  • That sounds good to me.
  • I like Schiz's suggestion as well.
  • I've just thought of something for this. The extensions listed in "Extension Options" (best name) should be listed in alphabetical order. I don't know if this already happens, but extension authors shouldn't be able to set the order they appear in. If that is allowed then you'll be forever trying to find the extension options once there are a few there.
  • I think this is a good idea and i support Schiz too.. (if I get a vote heh)
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