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I cant keep up! And i'm going to brighton for a week so when i get back i'll have like a bazillion discussions to read. I demand you close the board for a week!


  • Bwahahhahaha. Heh. I've been busy at work for the last couple days. I'm struggling to keep up myself. I spend the first 30 minutes after getting home catching up.
  • only 30 minutes? you must read like a maniac. Cant stop to type, sorry!
  • lol I was just about to post something similar. This is the most active I've been since I been a member. It's only now I've begun tinkering with my own board so I have questions and comments and my own opinions coming out my ass thick and fast!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Man - I've been going back and reading all of the discussions I missed while working this week, and WOW. I had no idea I'd missed so much. Maybe that's a downside of Vanilla? On other boards I'm content to let things slide, but on here I see those brighter discussion bars and the "new X" and I've just gotta know!
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    We'll whip up an Auto-print extension...just leave your HP Inkjet on when you're gone with a few reams of paper in the tray and you'll be able to scan through the postings whilst sitting on the john.
  • only a few reams? I'd have to hook it up to my 33ppm double sided 1000 stacker at work! Even then i'd spend more time reloading it with paper than reading!
  • Trees are cheap, I say do it.
  • A "Mark All Read" extention would be great about now, just cancel them all out. ;-)

    /me goes to find that discussion and see what the result was
  • it was 'fuck off' i think...
  • Figured as much
  • lechlech Chicagoland


  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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    bring on the ajax chatroom extension i say edit: sometimes i find myself posting a message, then sitting and refreshing the page until i get a reply, speed is addictive i guess.
  • Indeed. I was doing the same thing three days ago, when I had time. Now I'm rushing to get stuff done before the weekend, and I'm still coming back every 10 minutes to refresh and see who's replied to what and then reply.

    I'd really like to see a "mark all read" or "new discussions since last time I visited the page" extension. So I could see the page and think, oh i don't want to read any of these, and then next time i refresh, i see only the things that have updated since.

    that would be very cool.
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