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Multi-Whisper Redux

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An issue came up in my forum recently where one person (A) in my invite-only forum talked about some personal legal issues he was having & another person (B) went and talked about them in a public forum. This is software problem in that I can't have both of them in the same space. I've created a category where (A) has access & a number of A's friends can have access, but not (B), but this slicing & dicing the forum will lead to all sorts of factions and too many roles & categories to count. It's a slippery slope. So muti-whisper came up as a possible solution. This way when you're going through personal, legal issues that shouldn't be made public you can choose who on the forum to hold a discussion about them with. This makes a lot of sense. 99% of the conversations will still be public/to everybody, but the 1% that shouldn't be, won't be. And since the 1% is frequently, but not always, the same group of people, you can change who knows about your problems depending on the circumstance/severity, tightening the circle as things become more serious.


  • multi whisper has already been talked about looooooooooooot of times it isn't happening any time soon. perhaps in v2
  • Yeah, I'd read the threads - not possible in the current system. I'm just giving another reason why it would be a good idea. :-)
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I would love to write a new forum system that was all whispers. I've been working on the idea for a long time. I just haven't started programming yet because there are too many hurdles in earlier versions of mysql.
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    its time to move on to mysql 4 and forget about v3 wordpress works on v4+ Drupal works on 4.1+ you should increase the min requirements. Specially since it will allow some really nice features that everyone wants
  • How old is mySQL 3 now? I think Schiz is right, time to push on a bit...
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