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Page Mng add-on: How to make tab to be the default homepage for my site?

Installed the Page Manager add-on a few days ago. It works great. I set-up a few new tabs like "FAQs", "Troubleshooting", etc.. I created another new tab called "Home" which I want to be the home (e.g: front page) of my web site. However, in the Page Manager add-on there is NO option to set a tab as the "default tab", so........ any ideas how I could have the "Home" tab of Vanilla come up as the first page when people visit my web site? For example: where the Vanilla install is located, but instead of being shown "Discussions"... I want visitors to see the "Home" tab that I created using Page Manager. Please help with any suggestions on what I need to change to make this happen. I searched on these forums to find an answer, but couldn't find anything specific. I did notice that many other people have had the same or similar question over the last year on these forums... but with no clear solution...


  • this has already been asked lot of times do a search
  • Start here (gosh, its even fairly recent...)
  • Unfortunately, pbear's link doesn't really solve the problem. I looked through all the previous threads, and I have yet to find a solution that works for a custom tab (not categories) added with Page Manager :-(
  • I thought this was closer to there being some information than not.
  • Sorry Poo Bear, not anywhere near close, it's a red herring, it does not work!

    Posted: Wednesday, 7 March 2007 at 11:33AM (AEDT)

  • Is there any reason why this can't be accomplished in .htaccess? It seems to work for me.

    Just create the following .htaccess file in your Vanilla root directory:
    RewriteEngine On Options +FollowSymLinks -Multiviews RewriteRule ^$ categories.php [L]
  • Even simpler...
    DirectoryIndex categories.php
    But neither of these will work with a Page Manager page.

    Posted: Wednesday, 7 March 2007 at 8:47PM (AEDT)

  • But this will:
    RewriteEngine On Options +FollowSymLinks -Multiviews RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^$ RewriteRule ^$ ?Page=home [L]
  • Almost got it!

    Every time "Discussions Tab" is clicked, it takes you to the ?Page=whatever page!

    So you also need to add /index.php to the Discussions TAB URL in Page Manager.

    Thanks squirrel I think we finally have a solution to this long standing issue.

    Posted: Thursday, 8 March 2007 at 2:39PM (AEDT)

  • edited March 2007
    Where would you add /index.php? I'm also interested in this.

    Never mind, I figured it out.

    Thanks for the fix for this issue!!
  • If you guys have actually sorted the 'let me set a different homepage without loads of effort and breaking stuff' would you care to add it to the FAQ please?
  • There is still the problem of the broken Back to Discussions at the bottom of the comments page.
    It goes to the nominated page instead of the discussions page.

    In themes/comments_foot.php I added a slash to index.php (line 5)...
    GetUrl($this->Context->Configuration, '/index.php'...which appears to fix things but the URL gets a double slash, it that a problem?

    It seems to work.

    Posted: Thursday, 8 March 2007 at 10:05PM (AEDT)

  • I've been researching this issue for most of the day & have tried several possible solutions that I've run across. This one comes closest to filling the bill. The problem with implimenting this on my end is that I am using the Page Management system & have added several pages with corresponding tabs. When I use this fix, all of my tabs go to the categories page. I added the /index.php to the Discussions url field, and tried something similar with the added Pages as well. I'm still running into the Pages tab = Categories page issue.

    Any insight on this would be GREATLY appreciated - it's been a very long day wrestling with this! :) lol
    Thanks in advance,
    Dr. W
  • This actually (kinda) did the trick, re: categories being the first thing folks see when they login:

    However, I'd still be very interested in any further info that can be shared on the above issue, i.e. pointing to specific Pages. Thanks!
  • edited August 2007
    For the record, the Category Page First extension works like a champ if you add jehul's hacks to it and don't use page manager. But I need the page manager, so I need this htaccess fix. But . . .

    Massive edit:
    I don't have mod_rewrite installed, apparently.

    This guide has a good paragraph on how to check to see if it's installed or not:
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