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Conversion from other board software? (Vbulletin)

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I'm like the look of Vanilla, the css design in a big plus vs Vbulletin which is a nightmare of tables plus it's simple, really simple. But I'll need to shift all my posts and possibly my users across, at least usernames and passwords. Anyone working on a converter already?


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    I believe someone else was working on this a while ago but I'm not sure if it was released or not due to some DB changes.
  • I've made a phpBB converter which you're welcome to look at to get the scope of whats likely transferrable (obviously there are titbits that arent) and a basic idea how to do it (though its probably not the best way by any means) I believe somoene talked about a vBulletin one though.. search for it.
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    Aha I've found and have e-mailed chris gwynne about where he's at with the vbulletin converter. *crosses fingers*
  • still working on it mark, i've got a lot nailed down but there's still a lot of kinks to work thru, i'll keep you updated.
  • did anyone ever get to this? It is what is stopping me from changing my big board :)
  • If Chris isn't close to finishing it or he's given up on it then I can do it. I had a look at minisweeper's phpbb migrator and everything's understandable and I don't really see any issues converting that to a vbulletin migrator. There were a couple of issues that I saw but there are easy ways to work around it. So yeah, is it worthwhile me getting started on this or should I just wait for Chris?
  • I'd say email him - if he's paused in development half way through (as i tend to do with nearly everything i touch) it might be worth him sending you his code so you can finish it off or whatever. I'd be interested to work on a migration api or something to make it easier for new migrators to be written in a common way if you're up for it adm?
  • Sure something like that sounds good. Except I wouldn't know where to start ;) I was thinking there wouldn't be much difference between each forum system since all that's really getting imported are Users, Categories, Topics and Messages. Most forum systems do use seperate tables for each anyway so most of the time it's a matter of simply changing the table names and the way it references those tables (and it's rows) to complete a new migrator. The only things that you could possibly encounter along the way is that some forum systems use different encryptions for user passwords. But yeah I'd love to help out with an API, any ideas you've got on it then let me know :)
  • well where you're at is pretty much spot on - my idea was just to make it easier for non-tech types to be able to build a migrator, and to let all migrators follow a common theme. I'm still not sure on the exact how's, mind. Are you any good on the graphic side of things?
  • Ahh ok. I think I'll open up a new topic/whisper so we can discuss this abit more indepth :)
  • *does the dance of joy* Thanks guys, once this is done I can lead my users to the promised land that is Vanilla :)
  • Heh no probs :) I've emailed Chris and linked him to this thread. So one of us will make this migrator.
  • ADM, you've emailed me? Haven't received it bud. Send it to [email protected]

    As far as development, it's postponed until I can get my SQL database fixed, as I was messing with importing and exporting via various boards and Vanilla it's got seriously screwed up. If anyone's got any progress done on their own converter and want me to take a look, shoot it to the email above.
  • Ahh ok.. I emailed you at the email you've got listed in your profile. Either way it was just pointing you to this thread and seeing if you are still working on this importer, if not I offered to take over for you. Me and minisweeper are working on a new import method which actually will encompass many forums of which vBulletin will be one. Though I'm not sure how long this will take as we are still just going over ways at which we can accomplish this. So in the meantime it might be ideal to just get minisweepers phpbb importer and just replace the queries and table names with vBulletin's ones.
  • has there been any progress on this?
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    Just been hired to port a vBulletin board over to Vanilla, so a Migrator would sure save my life a bit.
  • Josh drop me an email at g at int0rw3b dot com. I've told kay I'll migrate her wolt board so I'm thinking now is probably a good time to make a universal migrator system. Might be good to get our heads together (especially if you're useful with php?)
  • Hey Mini, just found out we're starting fresh and not porting. Was actually looking forward to the challenge. I'm not too useful with PHP, I can just scratch stuff together to get what I need to work. Feel free to get in contact though if you'd like some head bumpin'
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