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Deleted discussions visible

edited April 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I am the Admin and under Roles and Permssions the box next to "Deleted discussions visible" is UNCHECKED - yet my deleted discussions are STILL visible. How can I correct this please?


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    There is a bug which stops your preferences being saved.
    Wait a few days for 1.1.2 which will fix this issue.

    Posted: Saturday, 10 March 2007 at 8:21AM (AEDT)

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    edited March 2007
    @Wanderer: that is not the same bug. @doko: Give back the permission to see deleted message. Then go in account > forum preference > untick the option related to deleted comments* *There is a bug with the preference in 1.1.x, you need to update the following files:
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    hmmm... Well I tried all that (replaced the files and checked, unchecked and rechecked the forum preferences: * Jump to the last read comment when clicking on discussion topic * Comments form Show the comment format type selector when adding comments * New Users Receive email notifications when new users apply for membership * Discussion Overview Display Discussion Overview in a seperate tab @Dinobof - Where do you see "untick the option related to deleted comments" above? Nothing I do seems to make the deleted comment dissapear... Any other thoughts on how to correct this?
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    edited March 2007
    if you have the permission to see deleted content, you go the following forum preferences: Deleted information: Display deleted discussions Display deleted comments untick them.
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    That's what I've done (repeatedly) on, off, on, off - nothing changes on the "front end"... Any ideas - anyone?
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    It is working fine for me. (the old bug about deleted comment as been fixed in vanilla 1.1 I think)
    If I change my forum preference to hide deleted comments or take off my permission to see them, they are gone.

    Do you use Firefox and firebug? if you do, can you check in the console what is the response to the ajax request you untick the the permissions or your forum preferences ?
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    One thing I can say is that some sort of bug is at work here. I don't know how else to explain why it takes literally "an eternity" to delete discussions in Safari when it's almost instantaenous in the world's buggiest browser: MS Internet Explorer 6 for Windows. I'm serious. I click delete in Safari next to a given discussion and I see the three green diamonds just pulse and pulse and pulse and pulse. I wait and wait and wait and wait. It's excruciating! And no doubt I am not the lone soul accessing my forum with the world's most popular Mac browser (Safari).

    Has anyone found a way to speed this up in Safari or otherwise know what the root problem is?

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    This is not what's happening.

    In Safari, you don't have to wait for the diamonds to go away, wait a second or two then move on.

    I've reported this before, somehow, the Ajax message telling Safari to remove the diamonds never gets through.

    Posted: Monday, 2 April 2007 at 10:55AM

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    I thought so too, UNTIL I "moved on" and later came back to find my discussion had not, in fact, been deleted.

    You are correct insofar as "if you wait long enough" it will be deleted even in Safari. But "exactly how long" is really the question. In my experience, it's more than 5 seconds, which is a long time.
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    You are aware that "delete" actually means "hide"?

    Posted: Monday, 2 April 2007 at 11:36AM

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    Nope. Wasn't aware of that. But now you have me concerned about that too! :-)

    So now I have to worry about every bit of text being stored on my server? Ack! But perhaps there is hope of a future version of Vanilla to eradicate this for us?
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    Never fear, try this add-on...

    Posted: Monday, 2 April 2007 at 11:49AM

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    JDWJDW New
    edited April 2007
    Wanderer, thanks for the link! It does exactly what I wanted it to do! Thanks!
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