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Moving the Panel (and the whole left "column") to the right?

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Anyone moved the Panel (and the whole left "column") to the right? Is it just done by changing the float:left|right?


  • I think the style b3slite has the arrangement you want.
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    Vanilla.css Line 152: Change "float: left" to "float: right" Change "margin-left: 18px" to "margin-right: 18px" Line 244: Change "margin: 0px 18px 0px 235px" to "margin: 0 235px 0 18px"

    To fix the gradient/border, go to the stylesheet directory and find panelfade.gif. In a graphics program, flip it horizontally. Then change "left" to "right" on Line 1 of vanilla.css. Tada!
  • HERO! Thank you!!!
  • I've done this as a complete, downloadable, installable style with a couple of other fixes - if Mark doesn't mind I'll pop it up on the addons site. Mark?
  • Stash, what are the other fixes?
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    What other fixes please? Are the Headlines (Categories, Discussions, Search...) and the margins under it now all at the same position? Or what did ya fix? PLEASE send it to me, stash. [email protected] THANK YOU!
  • Thanks mallow005 for your help but i want to know some more: I entirely want to move the left colum to my custom template! You can check the template here: I want to place the left colum to the right in BLUE background. anybody can help me ?? Many thanks in advance :)
  • As I remember it, the fixes are:
    1. getting the fixed-width pages aligned to the right (they look odd to me over on the left, see the Extensions page to see what I mean).
    2. getting the panelfadetop.gif in there as well.
    You can grab the files here:

    If a mod wants to delete that link because Mark doesn't want this, feel free...
  • Why wouldn't Mark want this?
  • Well I hope he does, but I thought it polite to ask first as it's his theme that I'm modifying - that is all :)
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited March 2007
    Several add-on themes are simple variations on the default template (i.e. color palette changes only)
    hence yours is worthy of its own entry too.

    edit it's -> its, just for wanderer's pleasure
  • Ah, yeah I didn't check out the fixed width pages... I wonder why they were done differently.

    MaxM: Your layout is done completely in tables, I can't help you there :(
  • Ok mallow005 :( .. but thanks for reply :) Anybody else can help me..i am ready to edit core files if reqd. also as i am pretty much used to do in vBulletion LOL!
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    Hello Jimw, Thanks a LOT for your kind suggestions and help. Yes, i just want to make forum look like the main site. I will try with the default theme of Vanilla because it will be easy to update forum in future. I will try to mod Vanilla design as i have already done a little of this stuff on vBulletin, Joomla and 4images. I will try to add a new header with the help of a mod call stuff displayer..lets see what popups LOL! Thanks once again Regards, MaxM
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