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Another pie-in-the-sky extension idea - Member Mapping



  • 1 year on: Shame to let this idea go to waste, espcially not that the various map apis have developed. Could this be made into a googlemaps extension, where the extension adds long lat fields to every user's account page. Then the info is pulled from the database and plotted (username and location) on a map so that whoever has supplied the info is included in the community map? The map is displayed on a static forum page (Page Manger type thing). Configurable roles and permissions etc.
  • Someone's already made an extension like this automatically driven by IPs:

    We've also got this integrated in our Vanilla implementation over at It's a manual approach, though, where the user enters their own latitude and longitude. A small map appears on each member page and there's a large all-member map as well:

    If there's interest we could probably clean it up a bit (we'd have to remove some stuff specific to our site) and post it in the directory here. I'll look in to it.
  • Yeah, true, but the one in the Add-on directory displays a map for each user on the Accounts page, whereas this discussion is about one map for the community, ie showing members in relation to each other. I'll take a look at the one you've got going there, because that sounds more like it.
  • Yes, that members map is what I personally am after. Would appreciate it if it's possible to make it into a public extension. How does a user enter their own lat and long? On their account page?
  • Yes, it's an option on the account options menu. We can put it in to the add ons directory but it may take a little bit of work so I'll circle back here when that's done.
  • Much appreciated ;-)
  • House, count me in for this. I'm interested too. Ta!
  • house, i just installed the extention and it's freaking awesome! thanks a lot.
  • Great stuff house. Many, many thanks.
  • @house: I'm reluctant to ask, as I appreciate that you've provided this so quickly and it's brilliant, but I'm having a bit of trouble. The extension ticks along nicely, working as it should for hours, and then out of the blue an error appears when a member attempts to load the account page. Error:

    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred Technical information (for support personel): Error Message The "ManageLocation" class referenced by "ManageLocation" does not appear to exist. Affected Elements ObjectFactory.NewObject();

    If I replace the extension's default.php all returns to functioning for a period until it happens again. Any ideas? I have the PrivateAccounts extension working and I'm wondering if there is a conflict there possibly? I also made a PrivateCommunityMap extension with the PA code, but the problem was happening before I enabled that.

    Any help appreciated ;-)
  • Any screenshots available of this extension in action? Chuffed that someone has executed this idea at last! :)
  • Can you take a look at the default.php after the error appeard and look if there's at line 167 the following code
    class ManageLocation extends PostBackControl { ... }
  • @LoOkHerE - hutstein developed the original version and was generous enough to make it generic for use in the Add-On directory, so I'll defer to his comment above to troubleshoot that.

    3stripe - I don't have screenshots of this exact version, but you can get a sense of most of it (just minus the blog stuff) by going to the working version at

    Full member map:
    Individual member profile:

    If I get a little time I'll try to post some screenshots of the admin panels.
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    Didier Hilhorst has a tasty map on his site instead of a blogroll -
  • Thanks house.

    @hutstein: yup, that line is there.
  • Running PHP 4.4.4

    Would that influence it?
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