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video broadcast live

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I discover westerday a great web site called

with this website you could "open you dvcam or web cam" ans then do a dirrect live video show

the addo on request is a way to add on the top of the forum (or somewhere else) the video.

The special think with this aplication will be a way to detect if the mms (windows media streaming) is active (may be with a ajvascript, or an administration buton to turn on or off the add on

for exemple : the dv cam is open and the netineo log is open, then there is a streaming, then the plugg in is on and the visitor can see the video
if there is no streaming, the plug in is off.

could be nice ?


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    Sounds interesting, but how much bandwidth will this use?
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    you can have 300 visitors at the same time maximum
    I try it yesterday
    there is 30 second delay
    with a simple adsl connection you send the video to netineo and after that, I guess they have in charge the bandwidth
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    It does sound very interesting and I have a good test case. I'll check it out once I resolve my bandwidth problems. Thanks.
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    It's look easyer than I thaught
    The way is to check not the mms but the http://

    et le code est celui ci mais malheureusement il ne marche pas toujours :

    The code is this one but it's don't work everytime

    <? //your broadcast login $site = "http://xxxxxxxx:8080/yourlogin"; //if the page exist show the media player $file = @fopen($site, 'r'); if ($file) { echo "<div align=center><object data='$site' type='video/x-ms-wmv' width='500' height='375'> <param name='ShowStatusBar' value='1'> <param name='src' value='$site'> <param name='autostart' value='1'> <param name='volume' value='1'> <param name='AudioStream' value='1'> <param name='AutoSize' value='0'> <param name='AnimationAtStart' value='0'> <param name='AllowScan' value='-1'> <param name='AllowChangeDisplaySize' value='-1'> <param name='Balance' value='0'> <param name='BaseURL' value> <param name='BufferingTime' value='5'> <param name='CaptioningID' value> <param name='ClickToPlay' value='-1'> <param name='CursorType' value='0'> <param name='CurrentPosition' value='-1'> <param name='CurrentMarker' value='0'> <param name='DefaultFrame' value> <param name='DisplayBackColor' value='0'> <param name='DisplayForeColor' value='16777215'> <param name='DisplayMode' value='1'> <param name='DisplaySize' value='2'> <param name='Enabled' value='-1'> <param name='EnableContextMenu' value='-1'> <param name='EnablePositionControls' value='-1'> <param name='EnableFullScreenControls' value='1'> <param name='EnableTracker' value='-1'> <param name='InvokeURLs' value='-1'> <param name='Language' value='-1'> <param name='Mute' value='0'> <param name='PlayCount' value='1'> <param name='PreviewMode' value='1'> <param name='Rate' value='1'> <param name='SAMILang' value> <param name='SAMIStyle' value> <param name='SAMIFileName' value> <param name='SelectionStart' value='-1'> <param name='SelectionEnd' value='-1'> <param name='SendOpenStateChangeEvents' value='-1'> <param name='SendWarningEvents' value='-1'> <param name='SendErrorEvents' value='-1'> <param name='SendKeyboardEvents' value='0'> <param name='SendMouseClickEvents' value='0'> <param name='SendMouseMoveEvents' value='0'> <param name='SendPlayStateChangeEvents' value='-1'> <param name='ShowCaptioning' value='0'> <param name='ShowControls' value='-1'> <param name='ShowAudioControls' value='-1'> <param name='ShowDisplay' value='0'> <param name='ShowGotoBar' value='0'> <param name='ShowPositionControls' value='0'> <param name='ShowStatusBar' value='-1'> <param name='ShowTracker' value='-1'> <param name='TransparentAtStart' value='1'> <param name='VideoBorderWidth' value='5'> <param name='VideoBorderColor' value='333333'> <param name='VideoBorder3D' value='-1'> <param name='Volume' value='-1'> <param name='WindowlessVideo' value='-1'> </object></div>"; } //if the page don't exist show the message WEB TV NOT ACTIVE else {echo 'WEB TV NOT ACTIVE !';} ?>
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    I don't know how to include a php script in the panel

    $Panel->AddString(" here the if(){echo "<object></object>"; ........ ");
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    edited March 2007
    the solution is
    $Panel->AddString("<iframe with the mycode.php page>");
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