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[solved] Title tags shown instead of being hidden

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
With 1.1.2 vanilla I have some trouble with my tags bookmarked, whispered and so on. It gives me : <li id="Discussion_2" class="Discussion Sticky Bookmarked Read NoNewComments Category_12"> <ul> <li class="DiscussionType"> <span>DiscussionType</span>TextPrefixTextSticky, TextBookmarkedTextSuffix </li> <li class="DiscussionTopic"> <span>Sujet de discussion</span><a href="">enquête sur un choc</a> </li> So I have these ugly things "TextPrefixTextSticky, TextBookmarkedTextSuffix" shown in front of the title. I add after that the extension for Discussions filters 2 : and it change nothing. I still have this text in front of my titles. An idea?


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    That text you see is sitting in place of what should appear if it were defined properly in your language file. These are new language definitions with Vanilla 1.1.2.

    To fix, go to your languages\>language name<\ folder, edit the definitions.php file, and insert this:// Added for Vanilla 1.1 on 2007-02-20 $Context->Dictionary['ErrPostBackKeyInvalid'] = 'There was a problem authenticating your post information.'; $Context->Dictionary['ErrPostBackActionInvalid'] = 'Your post information was not be defined properly.'; // Moved from settings.php $Context->Dictionary['TextWhispered'] = 'Private'; $Context->Dictionary['TextSticky'] = 'Sticky'; $Context->Dictionary['TextClosed'] = 'Closed'; $Context->Dictionary['TextHidden'] = 'Deleted'; $Context->Dictionary['TextSink'] = 'Sink'; $Context->Dictionary['TextBookmarked'] = 'Bookmarked'; $Context->Dictionary['TextPrefix'] = '['; $Context->Dictionary['TextSuffix'] = ']'; // Added for new update checker $Context->Dictionary['CheckingForUpdates'] = 'Checking for updates...'; $Context->Dictionary['ApplicationStatusGood'] = 'Vanilla is up to date.'; $Context->Dictionary['ExtensionStatusGood'] = 'This extension is up to date.'; $Context->Dictionary['ExtensionStatusUnknown'] = 'Extension not found. <a href="">Find out why</a>'; $Context->Dictionary['NewVersionAvailable'] = 'Version \\1 is available. <a href="\\2">Download</a>'; // Altered for new applicant management screen $Context->Dictionary['ApproveForMembership'] = 'Approve'; $Context->Dictionary['DeclineForMembership'] = 'Decline'; $Context->Dictionary['ApplicantsNotes'] = 'Use this form to approve or decline new membership applicants.'; $Context->Dictionary['NoApplicants'] = 'There are currently no applicants to review...';

    You can change anything inside the quote marks to the right of the equals sign (=) to match your local language.
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    Many thanks and sorry, it was late for me :)
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    BTW: Is there any particular reason why the label input fields in the setup disappeared in the more recent vanilla versions?
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    Labels restricted the number of characters you could enter.
    Personally, I like it where it is now, although an interface would be nice.

    Posted: Saturday, 17 March 2007 at 2:13PM (AEDT)

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