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Managing Members?

I am new to vanilla and I am not sure where the settings are for the members. I don't know how to manage any members or what there member status is, how to band them or remove them from the system, give them admin rights and all the other general stuff that admins usually can do to members. I am use to phpBB and it had a page for the admins to see the members and manage them. is there anything like this I can't seem to find anything. All I found was a plugin that shows the members and delete users add-ons. Thats about it... HELP! Thanks...


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    If you click on the settings tab then you can click on roles&permissions in the panel (this allows you to set up any different roles for your users) - you can then go to the users profile pages (click on their name when you search for them or they make a post) and click 'change role' at the side. Does that cover a few of your questions?
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    Yes it does thanks. I didn't see that anywhere. I must be blind... Do you know how to delete or remove a user other then just banning them? Thanks...
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    TomTesterTomTester New
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    You're not the first to ask. You really should search these forums a little better...

    - When searching make sure you select the COMMENTS option ('TOPICS' unfortunately only matches on topical headers).
    - Search for 'member'/'members', 'user'/'users' and/or 'applicant'/'applicants' etc. keywords often used in this context.
    - Check out the

    You may be interested in:
    - Members Page 1.2.1 Add-on
    This extension creates a page which lists all the members of the forum along with some details about them.

    - Delete User 0.1.1 Add-on
    The Extension provides a form for admins on each account profile page and allows the admin to delete the user.
    The removal is handled by the RemoveApplicant() function of Lussumo's UserManager class. It will remove the
    user itself, all of it's styles, comments, discussions, bookmarks, role ...
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    I think that you could have worded your response to me a little better it wouldn't sound so rude...
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    he really bites lol
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    haha lol
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    @Michel: Wow, I'm sure happy I spent 15 mins of my time helping you find the answer to your
    lazy question. Did you even search for 'delete user'. Pfftt... please...

    @anyone else

    Search All
    I do think this issue of new people being unable to find the answers on this forum is indicative
    of the Topics vs Comments "feature" in Vanilla. There should really be a "Search All" option to
    maximize search results.

    Similar Articles
    Secondly, big forums could definitely use some sort of "pre-post analysis" where "similar" topics
    or threads are shown BEFORE a new discussion post is accepted. There are just too many
    posts on this support forum that all deal with the same thing.

    We all know that the issue was especially awkward where add-on topics were concerned. The
    new 'comment on add-on' features mitigate that issue there, but it remains for so many other
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    The Delete User extension simply doesn't work with the new Vanilla (not sure if it ever worked before). I've attempted to delete users with and without posts using it and it acts like it does - but the database never changes.
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    Sure seems like "delete user" function should be part of the core of Vanilla anyway. It's so basic.
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