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Upgrade Problem

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Hi- I am not very knowledgeable with Vanilla. I just upgraded, followed directions perfectly. When I go to my forum now at: I get the following error message at the top of the page. Can this be fixed? Thanks. Notice: Undefined index: TEXT_STICKY in /home/content/p/r/o/projectaces/html/peanuts/forum84/library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Functions.php on line 18 Notice: Undefined index: TEXT_STICKY in /home/content/p/r/o/projectaces/html/peanuts/forum84/library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Functions.php on line 19


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    Now I get a different error message. See page at: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/content/p/r/o/projectaces/html/peanuts/forum84/library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Functions.php on line 18 I don't know how to fix this.
  • Check this discussion
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    Dinoboff: Thank you for the info. It got rid of the error messages. The only problem now is the "Stickys". Where it should say "STICKY", it says "TextPrefixTextStickyTextSuffix" What can I do? You can see it at: Thank you to anyone that can help. Edit: It also will not let me make it an "UNSTICKY" It seems now the "STICKY" option does not even work at all. ugg...I am so frustrated.
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    umm... look at discussions like this one:
  • Thank you for the response. I am not very good at this stuff. After reading the link to the post, I am really confused. Can anyone simplify the answer for me? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  • Quick Question. I followed the upgrade directions exactly as written. Should I just upload the entire upgrade package to my host to see if that fixes the issue, or will that just create other problems a beginner like myself can't handle? When I did the upgrade last night, I just uploaded the specific files given in the directions. My only issue right now is the stickys do not function.
  • If you update the definitions (TextPrefix, TextSticky and TextSuffix) it should look like before. If you can't make discussion sticky, it might be because of an outdated js in your cache. Just empty your cache.
  • Pardon my beginner stupid question, how would I update my definitions? I know, dumb question. And, thank you very much for your assistance with this!
  • Dinoboff. Thank you so much for your assistance. Problem solved....I think. I found this discussion with your help.
  • Ok, I was wrong...problem not solved. The words "Sticky" now appear properly, BUT....the "Sticky" function still does not work! Just when I thought I had it. Can anyone help??
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    Have tried to clear your browser cache?

    Change the title of the discussion to show that you have a problem with the sticky question. Someone who had the same problem might come to help you.
  • I did clear my cache. Did not help. None of my options listed below work: I don't know what to do other than go back to the previous version of vanilla. * Options o Add Poll to this Discussion o Bookmark this discussion o Delete this discussion o Close this discussion o Make this discussion UnSticky o Sink this discussion
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Does bookmarking work properly?
  • Hi Mark. None of the options seem to work. For example, I click on bookmark, it has that little dotted timer that appears. Then it switches to the question, "Do you want to unbookmark this page?" did not bookmark the page, and when I hit reload, it switches back to the question, "Do you want to bookmark this page?" I hope I explained this okay. Thanks for assisting.
  • Ok, I just did a clean install, problem solved. Thank you very much Mark and Dinoboff. I do appreciate your help.
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