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Styling my forum?

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Whats the best way of styling a forum, that is forward compatible? Atm I am just editing the vanilla.css, but i dont approve of my own tactic :P As i understand it, I cant really overwrite this style by adding my own, as there arent really a guarantied sequence of style application..


  • well if you copy the folder default in the vanilla theme and rename it something else you can select it from settings->themes->and its the second combo box
    this should allow you to edit styles without overwriting original, if thats what you meant.
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    no, i dont want to create my own theme. I want to keep the original, have it being updateable (ie not screwing it up), but adding my own changes that overwrite the original. Or something like that. I guess I was really asking, what do you people do and what is considered the optimal way of doing this. Its easy to copy the default style folder and make my own and apply that to all users, but im still editing the vanilla.css file in that folder. Another aspect of this discussion is what happens when the planned package of css and js files comes?
  • I am not really sure what your asking but6 after you make a copied folder just edoit the new vanilla.css with a code editor and overwrite directly.
  • thats what i am doing. the question is what happens when vanilla 1.1.3 comes out with an updated vanilla.css?
  • ohhumm i guess you could log your changes? it cant go threw and update the file nbit by bit for you, but chances are the next version willl not have a new css file and if it does jyst ask mark for the distinct changes and you can apppend those to the end/ make ani=y other necessacary changes.
  • What you can do is using the svn. At home, you create a forum from svn (by checking out). On this testing forum, you edit default/vanilla.css directly, and each time you update your forum, the changes in default/vanilla.css on the svn will be merged with your changes on your local copy.
  • svn?
  • Subversion is a revision control application. That keep a record of the different versions of a document and allow collaborative work. Don't learn it if it is just editing vanilla.css doc: client: The Vanilla repository:
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