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Known Bug List (read before reporting bugs)

MarkMark Vanilla Staff
edited May 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
### Unfixed Bugs

* There are various css glitches (especially in IE) - these will be addressed when the xhtml is finalized.
* There may be a disjoint between when you whisper in a thread and who the discussion list shows as the most recent poster. Need to examine further [ Reference ].

### Fixed Bugs

* Reset your password doesn't work and results in strange errors


  • your game = tight
  • heres one. i just came here to log in for the first time... i used the form to reset password (didnt remember what i used when i signed up a while ago)..

    i got the email allright with the link... i put the link in the browser bar, and it gave me an error telling me that i was missing part of the link, i made triple sure i had it all. kept getting the error.

    then i backed up my browser and it was telling me that i was logged in. poof here i am

    but now im trying to go into account and change my password from there.. but since i dont know what my old one is. im at a loss

    besides that. i love the look. really smooth in here.
  • yooooo, derrickito's here!
  • i just duplicated that problem again on another computer, so basically i dont have a clue what my password is, but i can go through that process and log in somehow.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Wierd, derrick. Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look at it.
  • Can you post the url that you got in your email?
  • that doesnt seem like a safe thing to do. if mark needs it he can email me.

    no social engineering on me kids :)
  • hahaha - good point!
  • I just got approved for an account and received the same error. Craziness.

    Oh, and Hi !!!
  • What browsers/computers are you guys using?
  • winxp sp2

    tried in IE6 and Firefox 1.0.1
  • Not sure if this has already been pointed out, but I also noticed an issue in Firefox 1.0.1 with images that are larger than the page width:

    In IE, the page width expands to wrap around the largest items on the page. In Firefox, the width does not.
  • i think thats a standard css function. IE handles it incorrectly and should not wrap around it like its doing for you.
  • just an FYI,.. i just redid the password thing, and it seems to work now. the link now works (didnt yesterday on 4 computers, mac and pc, wasnt stupid user error i dont think)..

    tried it again today and it worked, didnt give the error and i successfully fixed password and logged in with it
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Thanks Derrickito!
  • testing a bug.
  • mark, anyway you can somehow automagically close open tags from previous posts so everything doesnt get all italicized like i just did here?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited May 2005
    If I didn't allow html then it wouldn't happen. Personally, I like to allow html on forums I run just because I trust my friends and we take full advantage of the freedom it gives us. I bet most of the time people won't be allowing html on their forums - and rightly so since it can cause so many glitches (like this one).

    But even then, worst case scenario, I can just block the offending comment (and refresh) and everything gets fixed.
  • rickrick New
    edited May 2005
    I guess most boards would opt for a BB Code style plug-in anyway, something like that could easily accomodate a check to close any tags left open
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