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FYI I'm reading this on my palm

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and it's damn sexy!


  • I thought only physic people could read palms... (I'll get me coat!)
  • lol, i knew someone would make that joke. might have worked better if you spelt psychic right!
  • It was late - I was tired! :P
  • not tried it on my mobile yet but reckon it might work...
  • I am trying right now. It took me forever to type it in, though. Damn predictive text trying to be a show off and break into Spanish. <-- few minutes later --> Sadness. Ok, I am getting a "413: Page Cannot Be Displayed" error. I reloaded 3 times, and it did the same thing. I'm on Cingular, with a Motorola V551, so it should load up, as I go to Yahoo to check my mail on it all the time. Hrm.
  • well when i said palm, it runs 800x600 and i'm using wifi; the palm stylesheet is good though. i wouldnt try it on my phone.
  • Just checked my board out on my smartphone. Looks really good, despite it trying to use the default stylesheet.
  • just testing on my nokia 7610... all works perfectly!!!!! except that the 'add your comments' button refuses to do anything :-( was very close to getting a post up though
  • using firefox with web dev toolbar and 'Display CSS By Media Type => Handheld' option set... and my window set real small-like ;) it's good coz my workmates can't see i'm browsing forums!!
  • sneaky, i like it, i'm sure my co-workers are wondering what it is i keep looking at and then tabbing away from every half an hour :-P
  • sdfasdfasdfasdfasdf
  • I haven't read the board in a few days... Vanilla's defaults look gorgeous on the PSP's new browser (although the Hide-sidebar extension doesn't work; I get the notice about standards-based browsers).
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