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Modifying ForcedBBCode to post Youtube videos

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My first post so hi to everyone and thanks for all the helpful contributions I've been digging through since adding Lussumo to my site a few weeks ago. You can see my Lussumo forum at: I've been using the ForcedBBCode extension as I find it simple and easy to use but as my site's about DVDs and films I'd really like to be able to embed Youtube videos with film clips and trailers etc. I tried installing the BBCodeParser and BBInsertBar extensions (while switching off ForcedBBCode) and I was able to embed a youtube video using the [youtube][/youtube] tags. But all of my colored links and some other formatting in all my previous posts got messed up as it seemed to conflict with what I'd previously posted using ForcedBBCode. I'm no PHP coder so I'd more than appreciate any help if anyone thinks I could hack the default.php file within the ForcedBBCode folder to incoroporate the Youtube functionality from BBCodeParser or have any other ideas? Many thanks, Grant


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    Would you mind taking a coupla screenshots to show the screwed up formatting using BBCodeParser? I may be able to do something about it. I'm already planning on adding "Force to BBCode" in BBCodeParser, and chuyskywalker doesn't seem to be around any more :(
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    Hi Stash, nice work on the BBCodeParser :) Here's a screenshot of a problem I get when switching to BBCodeParser and BBInsertBar Playing around a bit it seems that it doesn't like very long links (I shortened the Amazon link one and it displayed fine) and it doesn't like certain colors (some colors work fine, others it has a problem with. I'll leave BBCodeParser and BBInsertBar running on my forum for a short while if you want to have a look to see if you can find anything else then I'll put it back to ForcedBBCode.
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    Hmm, I'm trying on my forums and getting a similar error with the long URL. Not with the colours though, could you post the code for the colour codes that are causing issues? Perhaps a code dump of that Disney animals comment? That would be useful for testing purposes :)
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    Sure, here's the code from the disney comment... We get a lot of searches for Disney box sets but try finding any in stock with the classic animated films and it's almost impossible. With that in mind this animal box set including the familiar favourites of Dumbo, Bambi and The Arostocats is currently at a good price at ChoicesUK. Next best price I could find is £51.98 at [url=]Amazon[/url]. [b][color=#CC0000]Best Price:[/color] [url=!677993]Disney Classics - Animals[/url] - £42.52[/b][color=#CC0000]* *Using 10% off discount code [color=#000000]BEST10[/color] at ChoicesUK.[/color] [img][/img]
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    I think I have a fix for the nested colours, but the URL problem is completely beyond me. More knowledgeable people, please let me know if I'm talking out of my arse, but... It looks like that URL is URL Encoded and that the parser is choking on it. I have asked someone off the boards if they can shed any light on this problem, so I'll report back as soon as I have any news on that.

    Thanks for finding these two bugs grant, much appreciated :)
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    Cheers Stash, good to see you got the nested colours sorted, hope there's good news to come with the URL problem.
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    hey i'm trying to do the same thing, how can i add a embed youtube link to the bbinsertbar that comes in this plugin? or maybe even make a youtube/picture automatically embed just like the "make it simple" plugin?
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