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Contributing unique animated smilies (for Vanillacons extension)

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help

being driven by the urge to contribute to the community, I have decided to share a set of smilies with you guys. These are specially drawn gif smilies which are unique; we drew them for a client, so you won't find them anywhere in the world, except that maybe another lussumo user had posted them :).. They are a good addition to Jazzman's Vanillacons

ok,, here they are:

1. image  
2. image  
3. image  
4. image  
5. image  

We are not a microsoft site, so i guess you all know how to save them on your hard drive. Hope you like them.


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    Great stuff crash :) (hmm, the name and the theme of those smilies fits :P)
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    Well, so I THOUGHT I knew how. I put them in a folder in the Vanillacons extension folder. The folder show up in the pop-down list. But the icons don't show up. Ideas?
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    Did you "Rebuild Vanillacons" using the Settings Tab / Extension Options / Smilies menu?


    Posted: Thursday, 22 March 2007 at 5:11PM (AEDT)

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    thanks Stash. We made these five especially for the carparts website we developed, so the theme must fit :)

    AlisonMooreSmith, i had the same problem.. i don't remember how i fixed it though.. try to refresh/rebuild the smilies in the settings, as Wanderer said.. if you still cant see them, write here

    p.s. the word on the police car door in the 5th icon says "G A I" (ГАИ), which is the abbreviation for "Main Office of State Road Safety Inspection."
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    Well, no, I didn't rebuild.

    I did now, though, and I still can't see them.
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    edited March 2007
    I rebuilt them but also don't see them. I put them in a folder called autos. I get a js error in functions.js line 4:

    arrSmilies[txtSection] has no properties
    changeSmilies("autos")functions.js (line 4)
    onchange(change )

    If I move them into the standard folder and rebuild, I do see them.
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    hm... ok.. i remember i had the same problem, but as you can see, they work fine at the forum they were created for (in russian). I have created a demo account for you all guys, but please don't post anything there unless you speak russian :)..

    username: lussumo-demo
    password: vanilla

    Check it and you will see how they work.. I can provide source codes if you want, although i don't how this could help... anyway, reply here
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    Hmmm weird. I done the following Upload the folder full of my emo's in the correct area, logged in and clicked rebuild. I go to create a new thread, my foldername is listed in the drop down menu. I select the folder but no emo's appear. I also seem to be having this problem.
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    Anybody found a solution?
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    well... i found the solution when i installed and redesigned that vanilla, but i forgot what it was.. .sorry
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    If you did a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5) and still don't see them, put them in the standard folder and rebuild. That's what I did.
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    edited March 2007
    just want to give credit to the author of these smilies, dear RooF, a good 3D animator.. check out his art worqs (check out the ones at the bottom)..
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    putting them in the standard folder works, but it makes the list very long horizontally, causing the window to gain a scrollbar. is there a way to put in a line break? otherwise it would be better to be able to create a new folder, if anyone works out how to do this.
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