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How do I control the order/CSS of profile page add-ons?

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I'm trying to put together a nice layout for my users profile pages and it feels like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall because I just don't understand how the page is being generated. I'm running the profile page addon, delicious, latest blog entries, flickr and the Wall. When I activate them, they show up in the AccountHistory div on the right. 1. Why do they show up there? Can I have one of them show up under the Account Profile? Where's the setting that tells it to show up in AccountHistory? 2. What controls the order they're displayed in? I can't find this anywhere. 3. Finally, I'm having a major CSS headache. All 4 of the components are set to display:block at the moment. They stack nicely. However the first element on the right side, Flickr, steals its height from the account profiles div to its left. Why? How do I stop this? It's driving me insane! Why does it copy the height of the element to the left of it? I'm hoping figuring out the first two things will lead to info that will solve the third. If anyone can answer my question on #3 though, that'd be great too! You can see what I'm up against at: I look forward to some pointers...


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    on ur h2 tag for latest blog post. u have clear:left;
    take that out and then add height:160px to #flickrstream

    how do they show up there.
    well the extension developers tell it so.
    open up account_profile.php in themes folder.
    in that file where ever u see $this->CallDelegate() thats where u can add stuff.
    one of the calldelegates is $this->CallDelegate('PostProfileRender');
    the Flickr stream extension attaches itself to this delegate by using
    $Context->AddToDelegate('Account', 'PostProfileRender', 'Account_RenderFlickrPhotostream');

    The order is controlled based on which extension u enable first simple as that.
    U want the flickr stream to be last, then enable it last

    why are they always on the right side of account profile
    well thats how the css is,
    html > body #AccountHistory margin-left:300px !important;
    this css puts a 300px left margin to account history. thats why its always on the right
    change css to make it appear under account profile

    any more questions?
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    Although I realise it's all covered with delegates, I think as the account page becomes more important it might be a nice idea to offer an $Account->AddString or whatever as we have for the Panel and the Menu...I wonder how much extra core code would be required to cater for this?
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    What about using *shudder* tables?
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    Nothing wrong with tables!

    Posted: Saturday, 24 March 2007 at 2:46PM (AEDT)

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    i was going to post a fix but apparently u fixed it
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    Yup. Tables. Fixed it right up. I hate tables. But they were exactly what the doctor ordered in this case!
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