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This is part add-on request, part help request

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I could make it my self, if I got some assistance to get me started.

What I want to make is an add-on that modifies the way a forum uses the Attachment, InlineImages and Thickbox add ons. I think I will also need Transmogrifer functionality. What I want to do is have a user put something like this at the end of their comment:
[img=''] [img='']
and the result would be that instead of embedding the images in the comment, it adds the images to the inline image attachments and it appears and works in all ways as if it as added to the comment as an image. In other words, it is a way of hotlinking instead of downloading the image and attaching it to the comment, and still get the thickbox gallery option.


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    u want ur images to use thickbox or u want ur images to behave like inline images, sharing the same grey area please don't pick the second option
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    has anyone ever thought of the option of toggling the 'Enter your comments' window on and off? and perhaps making it detachable altogether? and then - customizable, say, adding transparency and colour options?.. this way it would have been nice to have it anywhere you want while following a longish discussion.
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    @CommentAuthorMySchizoBuddy: I want the first option really, but the point is I have on my forum a couple comments that contain 5 embedded images as well as 3 attached images. For consistency and to keep the page height from growing mega heigh, having these 8 images behave as one image gallery for the post seemed to me to be a good option. Which I guess is kinda option two. you gonna bite my head off now?
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    @Mr Do show me where u have 8 images
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    sorry. its a private forum. (sharing private photos of our wives! jk.. ) You often very valid comments MySchizoBuddy, but i dont really agree that arguing wether my need is valid or not is a proper response to my request. Either your willing to help or not. I can do with out this feature, sure, but I am trying to learn vanilla modding, and doing so by making features that I find could benefit one of my forums seems like a good way to do that.
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    because its an unexpected behavior. when a user adds an image to a comment, He expects it to appear where it was added. not one line above it, or below it and certainly not in a totally different area. Doing so is unexpected behavior, which will surely confuse users. By moving images to the grey area you won't be able to do this This is a pic of my wife and me <img src=........ This is her parents <img src=........ these are her best friends <img src=........ It makes no sense to take these images rip them from where they are SUPPOSED to appear and show them in a totally different place. Plus inline Images isn't called inline images cause they appear in comments . its called Inline Images because u can take them OUT of the grey box and display them inline along with your comment like so This is a pic of my wife Image_%AttachementID% These are her Parents Image_%AttachementID%
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    edited March 2007
    This is what you should ask for A Gallery extension that takes images from 2 sources 1) upload your own pic 2) Hotlink one from the web and then makes a nice thickbox driven gallery of only those images. It should not touch images inside comments cause there can me smilies or other extraneous images that you don't want in your gallery. Inline Images already does most of this. just needs a feature to do hotlinks. just to clarify this shouldn't take images from ur comments and move them in a gallery. It should make a gallery of the image u specifically select.
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    well, i totally agree, if u read my OP you will see that I have tried to make a unique code ([img= ) instead of using html tag img. So the user would have the option to do either. :)
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